Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 3: Getting Closer

bokura wa minna ricchan guilt trip


Usa acquires a new bike to get to school, and asks Ricchan to ride with him; this question gets him a harsh reply, for which Ricchan then apologizes, telling him that it would just be too embarrassing for her. Meanwhile, Mayumi gets a call from her ex, and she feels happy about seeing him again until she does and only gets pissed off at him all the same. The episode ends with Sayaka telling Usa that he’s getting closer to Ricchan, giving him too many hopes for the chances that he currently has.


That was cute.

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This third episode gave me the confirmation that this show was going to be much more than just a decent romance. The romantic development between Ricchan and Usa truly started in this episode, leaving us with many cute moments already when they don’t even love each other yet. Usa may not be able to see it because he’s not a third party like us, but he indeed got closer to Ricchan, and so far their relationship is getting better in a very smooth and natural way. Not to say that the show is meant to be realistic, but the romance at least doesn’t seem completely idealised in that the two main characters fall in love at first glance. Obviously, Usa has a crush on Ricchan and Ricchan herself isn’t completely oblivious to Usa at this point, showing that his efforts have paid off, but right now it doesn’t go any further than that.

bokura wa minna ritsu in loveKawai’s personality was also pretty intriguing in itself: the girl is a weirdo and this episode didn’t try to hide it, but they make her look so cute that it’s pretty much impossible not to like her. She’s a quiet, tsundere type of girl, and it’s fun to see that her Tsun part doesn’t completely go in the slapstick direction. In fact, Ricchan follows more the original definition of a tsundere:

Therefore, “Tsundere” is a female character who is usually cold, but she becomes spoony on her lover. Or, she is cold to the main character at first, but she becomes lovestruck later.”      -Urban Dictionary

Distancing Ritsu’s character from the Louise/Kugimiya Rie template oddly adds some freshness to her character, despite the fact that she follow the tsundere idea much more than all her slapstick comrades. Indeed, Ricchan is incredibly cute, and I can’t wait to see how her love for Usa develops over the course of the show.

bokura wa minna mayumi blushI’m also interested in knowing more about our two other women in the story, Sayaka and Mayumi. This episode gave us a clear view of Sayaka’s wickedness as a manipulative bitch, making her absolutely hilarious, amazing and evil all at the same time – I definitely expect her to cause a lot of trouble and concurrently s lot of funny moments. As for Mayumi, I honestly wish for her to find a good guy, because her situation right now is simply too pitiful; the emphasis they put on it in this episode allows me to believe that they may develop her character a little bit more over the course of the series (but we still don’t know if this show will have one or two seasons yet, so we’ll see about that).

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