Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 4: Take the Hint

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Pumped by Sayaka’s words of last episode, Usa decides to try to get closer to Ritsu and to become a bit more pushy in his actions. This scares Ritsu away, who eventually tells him to back off angrily; however, immediately after this she feels guilty and reflects on her behaviour to Shirosaki. In the end, her and Usa make up and are back to how they were before Sayaka jumped in.


Somehow, this show just keeps impressing me over and over again…

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The realistic representation of the age group portrayed by Usa and Ricchan is just… incredible realistic. Kids, in high school everyone has teen angst and does really stupid things with the person they love – it seems like this show has decided to show a particular aspect of the age group, and my nostalgic feelings tell me that they are doing it extremely right.

Not only did we see this in Usa, as we have in the last few episodes, but this time we also noticed this in Ricchan, who was, just like most girls, going through a fit of insecurity and acting accordingly. I also thought it interesting afterwards how she blamed herself completely for hurting Usa due to her reaction; in her situation, many, many girls would have simply discarded the issue by putting the blame on the guy and leaving things as is, but her self-reflecting reaction in her discussion with Shirosaki shows just how kind of a girl she is and makes me admire her thoroughly. As a main girl, I can now say that I’ve finally found her worthy of being so, and will now fangirl profusely whenever she does anything remotely cute. Beware.

She really is cute ^.^

She really is cute ^.^

Overall, this episode satisfied me a lot. Not only did we see more of Ritsu’s personality and problems, but we also managed to get many cute scenes between the main couple and some character development on Usa’s side, all topped off with a sense of humour which entertained me throughout. The mixture of romance and humour is so well-blended, and the feeling gives off such a feeling of freshness, that it makes me envious of the characters in the show; I want to go back to high school now, back to those carefree days when I thought homework was only a slight irritation, not a desperate obligation forcing me to give away my soul in order to follow my dreams…

bokura wa minna self-reflectBut I digress. All I want to say is that this show is just as good as I expected it to be when I saw the first episode – I’m glad that my eyes haven’t deceived me. We still don’t know how long it will last, one or two seasons, but I’m strongly hoping for ~25 episodes, allowing for a much better development between Usa and Ricchan, and also more development for the other inhabitants of the complex – I’m especially curious to see more of Mayumi’s character development.

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