Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 5: So Cute~

bokura wa minna adorable frog outfit


In order to get closer to Ricchan, Usa borrows a book from her, enabling him to have more conversations with her and therefore leaving Ricchan much closer to him than before.


My heart’s melting~

If you thought last episode was cute, think again. This show is escalating to a degree of kyaa-ing above normal levels.

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This episode focused once again mostly our main couple and their relationship together, except that, unlike last episode, they were truly getting closer and not making their relationship worse. Usa deciding to read a book of hers was a (possibly unconsciously) smart way of talking more with her, but seeing Ricchan’s expression gave the impression that Usa somehow scored way higher than he might have thought he would ever be able to do. Ricchan is definitely developing something more than just friendship feelings – unless, she just gets really shy in her way of making friends, in which case we still have a long way to go.

bokura wa minna ricchan sulkSince this episode focused mainly on untold feelings, it was nice to be able to see all those facial expressions showing on Ricchan’s face. The way she looked down and fidgeted when Usa and Mayumi were fighting, for example, demonstrated a lot of her inner thinking with just a few simple gestures, showing a clear attention to detail. Instead of simply getting Ricchan to turn red, the additional touches to her expression made her “I’m-not-too-sure-how-to-feel-about this” moments ridiculously fresh and adorable. Even scenes like the kiss-on-the-arm scene, which sounded pretty dumb considering it was only an involuntary peck on the arm, became really cute when Ricchan’s expression was added.

The show also uses well the side characters as the observants of the story. Sayaka and Mayumi may hate on Usa’s teenage romance, but really their purpose is simply to outline how close Usa and Ricchan are getting; they seem to act quite often as the common “third party observant” which we always see in regular RomComs, and I must say, I quite enjoy these two ladies a bit more than the regular observants. At least, these girls aren’t only thinking “lovely” and “kyaa”, but rather they seem to be hating on Usa quite a lot. bokura wa minna spit

The only down-side to this episode was the degradation of the humour. I actually found myself not laughing at times when I obviously had to laugh. Part of it is becoming a bit repetitive over the episodes… Shiro’s masochism, for instance, which is really predictable, or Sumiko’s evilness. I’m also still waiting on the developments from Sayaka and Mayumi, but I’m starting to have doubts as to whether that would actually happen. The only problem with that, is that if the side characters are only meant to provide comic relief, yet the comic relief becomes redundant, then a big part of the show will be destroyed and tough to handle. Not that it would hinder the romance bits, as we noticed in this episode, but I wish the humour would continue cracking me up enough to keep me entertained outside of those cute moments.

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