Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 6: Childhood Innocence

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Shiro-chan makes himself a new friend! Her name is Chinatsu, she is probably less than 8 years old and she has the potential to become an extremely sadistic person as she grows older. Right now, though, she is simply a little kid trying to be with her friends; since that part of her life fails, instead she turns to Shiro (of all people…) and decides all of a sudden that she likes him and wishes to be with him every day.


For a filler episode having absolutely nothing to do with romance, it certainly had been a while since I had felt such emotions for such a useless – yet disturbing – episode.

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And yes, it was useless. The lack of development between Usa and Ricchan was absolutely none, we barely learnt anything of Shiro and China will probably never come back in this show ever. It was interesting for us to understand Shiro’s character a little bit more, and I certainly don’t mind the fact that he was put into the spotlight for one episode, but I never expected more from this episode than a comedic and cute episode the second I saw China. Not to say that the episode was bad, on the contrary I quite liked it, but it was surprisingly generic despite its good production.

bokura wa minna china puddingChina-chan was definitely representative of a cute anime child meant to show up for the sole reason of cute feels in a filler episode. In my opinion, she did her job quite well. She was kitty-level adorable, and her sadist side made her really entertaining. It was also fun to see Shiro’s perverted side be directly confronted by a little child – somewhat disturbing, too, but that was the funny part. It’s a good thing to know that Shiro’s not actually a paedophile, though… I actually managed to get scared when China confessed to him, something which usually doesn’t phase me because it seems too unrealistic and must be a misunderstanding somehow.

bokura wa minna china cryWhat I mostly liked this episode for, rather than the story or the characters or even the humour, was the quality of it. Honestly, I’ve witnessed episodes like this hundreds of times, in both anime and manga, and there was nothing in this episode which separated it from the others – that is, apart from its quality. A show that is well-done will manage to make even such overused episodes as this still emotionally appealing simply through good animation, OST and scene order. In Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, the episode still accomplished its task of tugging heartstrings through its ability to make anything feel like a breadth of fresh air. The point of this show is meant to make you smile and cheer up by showing a simple teenage romance, and accomplishes its task wonderfully; this week’s episode was no exception, and China’s personality was portrayed wonderfully in order to make us smile.

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