Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 7: Molester Handling and Uniform Fetishes

bokura wa minna molester


There is word going around that a molester is supposedly in town! In order to provide for Ricchan’s safety while she reads, Usa is told to escort her on their way from school until the molester gets caught. In the end, however, Ricchan gets assaulted by another molester, and would have been left defenceless had it not been for Usa and the others showing up to defend her. bokura wa minna bondage

The second half of the episode deals with Usa getting a job at a traditional café, which he refuses diligently until he realizes that Ricchan loves the uniform he wears, causing him to finally accept the job.


Slow, slow, the pacing and development is slooooow… And I sure hope it doesn’t stay this way forever.

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The first half of the episode was, once again, pretty filler-worthy, with zero development and a random one-episode comedic plot. The Shiro episode had left me already fulfilled in terms of fillers, so that extra bit was a little bit on the annoying side, despite it being pretty entertaining. It was mostly fun to see the way the Complex girls handled the molester, demonstrating their absolute craziness and illustrating their personalities really well. Apart from that scene, however, everything else consisted of Usa realizing that there was no development between him and Ricchan lately, therefore proving my point.

The second half seemed to be of a little more importance, but it doesn’t seem like the pacing of the show increased much, anyhow. It takes the rest of the episode for Usa finally to accept the job proposed to him by Sumiko (although proposed is not quite the right word here), and meanwhile the development between him and Ricchan still remains pretty empty, solely consisting of some cute elements to try and keep us happy in the amount of cute material we get per episode. This technique always works well for some time, but I’d say this episode seems to have reached the limit of pointless plot points, and I’d like the show to lead us somewhere else very soon in terms of development.bokura wa minna ricchan sparkle

Another disappointing moment I noticed was the re-use of time frames in order to fit the events together; this episode, we somehow managed to get a second summer break in the same year as the last one when Shiro made everyone play with bubbles. Not following an exact time frame is okay, but at the same time it makes me feel odd about the future of the show; if the producers don’t care about following a straight timeline, then they won’t care about following a concrete storyline with a lot of development, and that fact scares me a little, because I believe Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou can be a lot more than just a bunch of funny filler episodes put together in order to make an anime.

bokura wa minna outfitFortunately, it seems like next episode will lead us somewhere good, or at least I certainly hope so. Ricchan’s unexpected uniform fetish could lead to an interesting development. There is a great possibility that what she finds so interesting about Usa’s uniform is not only the uniform itself, but also the person wearing it. I certainly hope to see their relationship develop a little bit more in the next episode… Next week could determine the eventual rating of the show, as I will definitely bring it down if I don’t see something non-generically comedic happening very soon.

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