Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 8: Rude Customers

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Time for Usa to begin workijng at the café place, where he finally meets 2 of the employees working there; unsurprisingly, they turn out to be complete weirdos, leaving Usa in exactly the situation we expected him to be in as the Oddball Handler. While he is at work, Usa meets with Hayashi, a girl he knows from high school who used to be extremely weird, but now has decided to worry about her appearance and hangs out with a bunch of jerks in order to stay popular. The whole group is extremely rude to Usa, who doesn’t act due to his submissive nature, and Ricchan comes in to save the day and make the customers realize that they’re being rude.


bokura wa minna good notYes. Yes I did.

bokura wa minna too badShut up. I hate you.

All things aside, the sole idea of presenting us with this scene shows just how well this show is done, playing with anime conventions in which 2-parters after a bunch of filler episodes usually makes us hope for some great development to happen. The anime is fully aware that it’s dragging this on, and even points it out to us in the most annoying way possible, which somewhat bothers me because I didn’t get the development I wanted, but also makes me admire the show even more.

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Nevertheless, this episode was still entertaining to watch and definitely kept the same overall feeling as the rest of the show. Seeing Kawai’s uniform was absolutely wonderful, although a bit out of place (but then again, with Sumiko everything seems normal), and Usa’s personality was also interesting since it separated him quite strongly from other regular guys, giving him some substance as the goody-two-shoes that he is; a scene like the one we were shown in the café while he was with Hayashi and her friends gave us a contrast between regular background characters and Usa, and made me able to attach myself to him more as though he was suddenly given a separate personality from just being “the guy that lives with a bunch of crazy women”. I mean, he is “that guy”, but at least now I can also acknowledge him as an actual person as well.

bokura wa minna hayashiI’m also interested by Hayashi as a character, as it seems that people who become like her in high school are not rare occurences; and yet, unless they are the main character of the story, we don’t usually see those types of characters much in anime or manga, and they are rarely portrayed negatively. I hope we get to see more of her next episode; I think she deserves a little bit more air-time than what she’s had so far, especially since she is clearly not herself at the moment and could use a good dose of real life.

In the end, although Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou will never be the masterpiece of a RomCom that I wished it could have been, it still remains a very good production and deserves to be looked up. The show is meant to entertain, refresh and put smiles on our faces, and it does its job wonderfully well. I would have enjoyed the show more if the generic fillers had been replaced by a more concrete storyline with character development, but despite this, I believe that the show is still quite fun. I like it, anyways.

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