Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 9: A Bug Horror Story

Finally, we’re back on track! This episode made me laugh, smile, fangirl and overall be a happier person; now I feel like my day will be that much better.

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Mayumi is depressed! This is nothing new, but this time she becomes so depressed that she begins singing on the roof in order to be able to look down on everyone else and feel better about herself. After this event, Usa is woken up in the middle of the night from a loud scream, which turns out to be coming from Ricchan who found a centipede in her room. This event causes everyone to go on a centipede hunt, resulting in Usa protecting Ricchan from the boiling water she drops – in other words, a fangirl worthy moment.

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I’m glad that the story is finally back on track, and somehow I’m actually a bit surprised that we got so much content in one episode. I’d already given up on the idea that I would ever get some development on Mayumi, and yet not only did we get some of that in this episode, but we also got some really awesome Usa-Ricchan moments; my heart almost couldn’t take it because it was so surprised over those two good moments.

bokura wa minna mayumi lingerieAlthough the first half had a good dose of interest to it, the things I have to say about it are actually pretty limited. In the end, Mayumi got over a bit of her depression over being single, felt a bit better about herself because Usa’s friend was hitting on her, but she didn’t exactly find someone or do much more than cry, admit her mistakes (which is still quite important in her development) and sing on top of a roof while playing the guitar. If anything, the most interesting thing of all that was probably the conversation between Usa and Ricchan about their family – but even that part was a bit short of actual content outside of weird head tiltings (see picture below for more details) and pretending like they were saying some meaningful things. Although I did enjoy knowing that both Usa and Ricchan had a household that fit them perfectly, I was too distracted by the head tilting to actually get interested by the conversation.

bokura wa minna head tiltbokura wa minna head tilt 2


Here…                                                                        And Here…

bokura wa minna more head tilt


And once again here…

The second half, however, was much more promising than I first thought it would be. As a seemingly normal comic relief part in which the complex chases for centipedes, we ended up seeing a part of Ricchan that was absolutely adorable, as well as a part of Usa that was surprisingly manly and awesome. They are both learning about their own feelings towards the other, and as the series (probably) comes to an end soon, it is definitely fun to see scenes like the one in which Usa protects Kawai the way he did. He may be a guy hitting puberty and having lots of trouble enduring his newly-found libido, but at least we see that he still deeply cares about Ricchan, which makes me believe that they could really work out together. Plus, they are so cute!! ^.^bokura wa minna ricchan usa

It seems like next episode should bring us back Hayashi, as I thought. The show is definitely back on track to what it was like before the fillers, except with even more cute moments all the while keeping the same level of comedy as the first few episodes. Look forward to next week, as it should definitely be interesting!

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