Break Blade TV episode 2: Disabled at birth

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We are already getting quickly in the story of Break Blade, it is exciting to see that the show doesn’t lose any time at getting started into the thick of it. I’d like to take this quick succession of episode 1 and 2 to discuss mainly about our main character, Rygart Arrow, and his position has someone who cannot use magical quartz. It will probably be that has the story progresses Rygart will become increasingly known as the only true descendant of the ancestors, but right now what I am more interested in his the way he lives his life has a handicapped.

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In this world where everything requires the use of magic to operate, being unable to use such power must be more than a mere handicap. People can probably keep a regular life even if they lost an arm or leg, they could have a magical prosthetic that they can control, but for Rygart, he has all 5 of our senses and all his limbs and yet he is stopped from having any future and dreams in this world. I feel like Rygart gave a great example in which people can actually relate to what it feels to be disabled. Rygart was born like any one of us, unable to use and control quartz and using magic this way. He is in a position we can all relate to, and yet his whole world works around those magical quartz. Every tools, vehicles, guns and even most classes at school would be centered around that technology. You would be the lamest human on the planet. In their world, even a blind or deaf man could use quartz magic to help fight their handicap, but in the case of Rygart he has no access to science or technology to help him. I am even surprised he managed to find a job he could manage.

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I was very surprised to learn in the first episode that both him and his brother (who also has no power) worked on a farm alone. I feel like even agriculture must have had some use of magical tool to help with the crops, irrigation and the like. We use tractors and windmills and the like, I would suppose most of those technologies are quartz powered in their case. How did the two of them managed to survive over a year on their own then? Live must be really difficult when you have such an handicap in the face of technology.

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I believe that more than the war and the characters, the first two episodes really show cased what it meant to be disabled. I feel like Rygart was even lucky to still be alive in a world that has no place for a man like him. Yet you saw him smile, even through discrimination and even though everyone always told him he was useless, you saw him smile, you saw him try to be useful and he continued to fight and enjoy life. We all have our challenge in life, so people simply have to fight harder than others because they were born unlucky. The guy found his path, he was really good with people and at breaking up fights, and it made him a friend of a king. Most people in their country would feel humble to get to speak for the kind for a while and yet this useless disabled man is trusted and love by the King himself. This show goes to show that it is not how you came to this world that matters, only what you do with that life does.

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