Break Blade TV episode 1 [First Impression]: Quartz Power

Break Blade TV under golem

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This show has been done into OVA before, it has been rumored that this TV version of the show will to be more faithful to the original manga story and might have some deleted scenes from the OVA. It is difficult to know how much of this will be true and how different the TV version will be from the movies. It will be even more difficult for me to judge seeing as I never saw the original OVA, therefore this is something new and fresh for me. I suppose not much will change between this TV version and the OVA, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a lot of fan of the series not watching this again, but it definitively should be an interesting show considering the reviews I saw for the OVA.

I feel like there is potential to Break Blade, there are a lot of things I already want to approach and discuss about in just this first episode, it makes me wonder if the show will continue to provide such a rich environment of social and ethic questions. The show looks rather complex and real, It will definitively turn into some kind of action mecha, but just what proportion of the anime will be action and what part will be story development is what interest me most here. I love mecha combat, don’t get me wrong, but it is always much more entertaining to have a story develop between deep and interesting characters rather than simply having big robot fighting each other for a while. The mecha combat should be a result of the politics and story development, not the other way around where the story forces the battles.

This is only the first episode of Break Blade and I’m already finding myself really immersed into the universe and story. The show looks good and both characters and universe are impressive and rich. I can already tell that Break Blade will be a show I will be able to appreciate watching and it is why I plan on doing a weekly review of the show and keep watching it for the season. The show is not simulcast anywhere for an international audience, so subs of the show might be rather irregular. For those very reason, you can expect that my review of the show might follow a rather irregular schedule too, it cannot be helped seeing as I do not understand Japanese much more than any other otaku. Even with an uncertain schedule, I still think I can take this show apart and rise up interesting question each episode and therefore I plan to do so.

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