Break Blade TV episode 10: Terrible Lost

Break Blade TV Girge the Badass

Girge is a real monster on the battlefield, we had already got an overview of his skills previously when he nearly defeated the whole of the Athenian elite after the last battle, but this episode was something else. He was alone in a half-destroyed golem and managed to defeat every single elite soldier sent at him. He alone was able to take down a force which could have otherwise defeated a complete army of regular soldier. No matter his attitude, he was a man with skills above everyone else, he was completely in the right to judge others. I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if I was called completely useless by a guy like him, I would deserve the insult. The guy is a whole army on his own, the guy pulls more weight than your entire squad could ever hope to achieve, you are dragging everyone down by your lack of strength.

Break Blade TV shooting one another

I do not understand how this show isn’t more about Girge than Rygart anymore, I feel like he was such a relatable character, much more than Rygart the Wimp. Girge has a lot of background and knows a lot about himself. I feel like we could learn so much more about the world and every characters if we just got to follow the guy just a bit more. Unfortunately, it seems highly likely that Girge won’t make it out alive in the end. Even after showing how badass he was from start to finish, the guy still doesn’t really stand a chance of beating an entire army with no golem. Even for him to survive at this point would be pushing the limit quite a bit, Girge seemed rather accepting of his demise in that final scene. I didn’t quite understood what he was trying to communicate to Rygart at the very end, but hopefully we get to have a clearer understanding of those final words in the future.

Break Blade TV heroic death

I cannot lie, I’m really bumped out that Girge died. Usually I love when people I like die in shows, just because it shows how life is and how no one is ever really safe from death…yet I’m mostly annoyed right now because it means we go from an awesome character to a really lame one. It is kind of a huge let down to go from the awesomeness that was Girge to the boring and lame Rygart once again. I would have rather never met Girge in this show, that way I would have never known what I was missing.

Overall, I felt this episode was both awesome and a bummer at the same time. Either way, we are nearing the end of the show, so there is no more choice but to have some epic stuff happen before the end. Maybe Rygart will come to full potential? Maybe Girge will have survived somehow? Difficult to tell, but hopefully it won’t let us down.

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