Break Blade TV episode 11: Fall of Krishna

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The beginning of this episode was such a cruel light of false hope. I was certain at the end of last episode that Girge died in the volley of fire. I didn’t expect us to see him again afterward, didn’t expect for him to live a second more. So I was so joyous when I saw that he was in fact simply wounded and captured. So far Girge had been the highlight of the show for me, I could relate to his character and look forward to his development (plus he was a complete badass). All my hopes were rejuvenated, maybe he could join the army of Borcuse, maybe he would be kept as a prisoner, no matter the path taken it meant we could have more chance to see him develop…but no. Instead they brought it back to life only for a few seconds, just long enough for me to get my hopes back up just in time to see him die. It was cruel, it was well done, but it also reminded me how much I don’t really care about that many characters now that Girge is dead. He stole the spotlight for me, so now the show feels a lot less interesting, which isn’t a good thing considering we still have another episode left after this one.

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Even more irritating after Girge death was the realization that no one else died after getting ambushed. I knew that Narvi would survive despite the odds, it was already hinted at last episode. But having the two other guys survive too? That’s a bit bullshit. I was disappointed that such unimportant characters with no contribution to the story were given such redemption but not someone as interesting and important as Girge. Narvi maybe still had one or two things to contribute, but really, what is her brother going to do other than simply die another day? I wish Girge was the main character of this show !

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We only have an episode to go, the fall of Krishna is upon us. It seems rather unlikely at this point that repelling the attack on Krishna is feasible, it seems rather set in stone that it will fall with or without the help of Rygart. Unless there is some major political change in the last episode, in term of military presence, the outcome is rather set at this point. Borcuse will capture the capital and there isn’t anyone strong enough to oppose him anymore. I don’t care how strong the Delphine is supposed to be, Rygart is too much of a lazy-useless-brat to accomplish anything impressive enough that could still save his country. At this point I’m really curious to see how things will finish, seeing how things really aren’t looking too bright right now. Currently the number one reason I am still interested in the show is to see if it can end properly or if it will have some kind of bullshit ending. I want to see whether things end in a good way or not, whether we get something cheesy and rushed or a decent ending which would legitimize the show has a good militaristic anime.

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