Break Blade TV episode 12 [Final]: Empty Feelings

Break Blade TV Rygart is pissed

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I must say as much as this ending did finish the story and conclude everything, I felt it just made me realize once more how shallow this show was despite its appearance. Everything started so well, but by the end the episode felt rather empty. There were a lot of characters which all went through some development and evolution, yet none of them really had any screen time, only Rygart really had the screen time necessary to follow his transformation, but he was by far one of the least interesting character by the end of the show. I felt like after 3 or 4 episode we’ve already had seen enough of the guy and I was definitively ready to move on to someone else…more interesting.

Break Blade TV guys

Break Blade suffers from having too many character which do not sound like real human. Too many characters with volatile personality or simply shortcoming in the way they act and think. The character design was essentially just too basic and simplistic for a lot of the characters, how come did Hodr was never bothered by Rygart and Sigyn attraction to one another? How come the king is more bothered by sending Rygart to die than having his entire army dying plus him losing his own life and the life of all civilian in his kingdom?  I understand the characters have intriguing personalities, but at some point they stop feeling like they could exist and someone could be like them.

Break Blade TV defeating the general

Everything in this episode felt empty because of those bad character design. Every emotional moments and death felt cheap and pointless. In the end, after 12 episodes I still had no real attachment to any character in this show other than Girge. Everyone else could die (and most did) and they all felt like flat pointless characters. Example of a really empty scene, what about the way that Rygart’s little brother showed up at the very end and simply walked on in the middle of the battlefield to see his brother? How fucking stupid was that scene? How did a young boy somehow walked all the way to the very middle of a giant robot battle and survived long enough to recognize his brother in the middle of a melee. Why did this happen? How did they simply forgot about the boy when they were picking up every single citizen away? There are just so many things which makes no sense in what happened there!Break Blade TV little brother

Overall break blade was a quite average show. It had a really strong beginning withinteresting issues and characters, but it quickly dropped the ball and went into stupid territory where it began focusing on all the wrong stuff. The characters went from great to terrible and the story didn’t actually end on anything really final. This is not going to get a second season either, we are just going to leave everything where they are and just stop things here. The show was not a complete disaster, but it certainly started much better than it ended up. Overall I wouldn’t recommend the show unless you are a fan of Mecha because there was really not much else to offer.

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