Break Blade TV episode 3: Incompetent General True

Break Blade TV incompetent general

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Oh so terribly cliché, to have the two friends talk to one another and have their whole discussion and misunderstanding be cut-off by a stupid general out for glory. I don’t know how anime world works to constantly have a general that is absolutely incompetent and ruins every plan and the live of thousands of soldier. It also happen that most of them are exactly like True, fat with a mustache and bright-coloured hair. I must admit I found that scenario a bit lame, just because I,ve seen it so often now it is getting redundant. It is a lazy way to make things happen that to have a stupid general messing everything around. But I guess Break Blade is not the youngest of story either, so I will excuse the show that cliché.

Break Blade TV pinned down

Otherwise it is getting increasingly interesting to witness the new abilities of the broken blade mecha. It was already clear that it was a more powerful model built using a different technology, but we still have yet to see what his full capabilities are. The only thing new we have really learned is the amount of active time it has remaining before it shut downs. It seems that Rygart only has 4 more minutes of action before everything shut off. This is interesting in an obvious action way, meaning that he only have 4 minutes to get out of trouble. More importantly, I found this new information interesting because it shows that some kind of fuel is necessary to operate this golem. What is that fuel exactly? What powers this ancient technology? We have been told in the first episode that oil was at the center of technological advance in the past, but since there is no oil left, it seems like it would be the end of this golem once its energy drains out. It would be rather awkward to have our protagonist lose its only weapon after only 4 episodes, so I figure there must be some way they will refill it with energy. Just what kind of engine is powering that thing anyway, does it work on fuel, energy, different kind of magic? This is the kind of answer I’d like to have.

Break Blade TV survivor

Some answers we did get though is the reason for this war. I really appreciate the depth and complexity of the politic in the world of break blade. Their world looks ridiculously small, but at least everything inside it seems to be working with all the complexity of the real world. We can also now understand why Zess is trying to have everyone surrender so quickly. The poor guy simply doesn’t know that Hodr would have to give up his own head to surrender, it is a sacrifice that can be rather difficult to make. Zess wants to avoid the massacre of innocent with Athens worst general and meanwhile Hodr is trying to keep his head while putting an end to this conflict. We are, for now, only following the struggle of two opposing nation, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if other countries starts getting involved in this little war. Things could get really messy very quickly. Hopefully our hero the powerless Rygart will manage to win everything with his new toy.

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