Break Blade TV episode 4: Resist Destiny

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Reality hit Rygart big time this episode. He was such a foolish boy, he had great values and he was raised as an infirm. He always bowed-down his head and accepted fate, he ran away when in trouble and tried to make everyone around him happy. Being a pushover never brings happiness to anyone, even those you let yourself be pushed over by. Without a will to fight, you cannot find your own happiness or those of others. Rygart is to blame for the death of a soldier and it provided no result. He saw someone die because of his desire to save everyone and even the enemy he tried to save decided to commit suicide rather than become a prisoner. Must have been a tough realization to find out that the world isn’t made out of bunnies and rainbows.

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Rygart just learned to live as a pushover, he has no will to fight, he simply runs away from trouble and avoid it constantly. He always seemed to hold dear his virtue of running away when time gets tough, but he might very well be the only person who think something like this goes anywhere. As I previously said, no one is ever happy around a pushover, you need will and convictions to find happiness. The poor girl who killed herself might have been misguided and overzealous, but she remained someone with will and ambition. That girl had a head on her shoulder and decided to fight to protect her country, not to run away from the danger. When she saw the potential of the machine she did everything she could to eliminate the threat, she fought for what she believed, she didn’t run away back home and told other people to handle it.

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Life is all about hitting tough walls, obstacles, and finding ways to fight through them and become stronger as a person. Running away doesn’t solve anything, because no matter which directions you run towards, you will eventually find a wall and the more time you run away, the closer the wall gets to you…until you have no more place to run to. This is usually where suicide comes into play, people who are used to run away and have ran away too much without fighting through any of their walls. They become stuck in a situation where they have no choice but to fight one of those wall or to die…and unfortunately some people will choose death.

Running away was definitively a big theme this episode, but the other thing I want to point out is that I got to have an answer to my question of last episode…or at least a partial answer. I was wondering what kind of fuel or energy source was used in the under-golem. While we still don’t have a clue what kind of energy source it uses, we at least now know it recharges after some time, a rather neat feature that makes it really easy of use for all future generation who have no clue what that technology is all about.

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