Break Blade TV episode 5: Ramming Bull

Break Blade bull charging

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I am aware of how late this review comes out and I will catch up to Break Blade today, so from episode 6 and 7 should follow shortly. Into the episode itself. This episode was somehow slow despite all the action, as weird as that sound. There was a lot of combat and mecha battles on this episode, but very little progression in the story itself. We got to see the mecha in action and the resolution of Rygarts resolve of previous episode more than anything else.

Break Blade knighthood

The most fun thing about this episode was definitively watching Rygart charges forward like a bull inside his mecha. I find it so ironic that he has the manliness machine, that can support weight that is far beyond any other mecha’s capability and that it charges into battle like a ferocious bull…yet his code name is Delphine. Delphine is a girl name, the names comes from what women in Delphi, Greece used to be called. How is that in any way a proper name for that mecha? I just found it hilarious that the army would refer to that bull of a mecha as “a proper women”. Because while in the past the Under Golem was seen as some super acrobatic, strong and agile vehicle of warfare, this episode it was really nothing more than a big dumb bull. The only thing we ever saw it doing is ram into stuff and crush them to pieces if they didn’t move. Of course Rygart moved on to a different strategy later on, but it remained rather funny how stupidly he used the mecha he was given.

Break Blade armored up

Another thing about this ramming strategy is what it made me notice. It was clear that Rygart was somewhat close to Zess and his team after he killed one of their soldier. It was also rather obvious how fast Rygart could go to catch up to them and clear the flat in such a small amount of time. Yet despite all of this, it somehow took the guy about 5 minutes to ram into Zess after he was already right next to him ! How did he manages to take so long and be shot about a hundred time before closing the gap again? I understand what they tried to do, but it feels really cheap that distance seems to arbitrary in a fight like that. The emotions and political relationship between the character of Break Blade are impressively well written, but the actual fighting scenes always feel so cheap by time.

We got to get a bit of Zess backstory and meet the general who will come to take the war into his own hand, I’m pretty sure that next episode will be much more eventful in term of development than this one was and I’m therefore going to watch it right now.

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