Break Blade TV episode 7: General True Last Battle

Break Blade True death

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Things are slowly moving forward towards the real fun and real war. This episode we even got our first lost of life. General True fell in battle…and in quite atrocious way at that. While I did previously mention my dislike for the complete incompetence of the general, I must still admit that I was a little touched at his death. He might have been a terrible general, but he remained a really good human being in general. Taking care of orphans and playing with kids in his spare time, the guy had a good heart even though he lacked a brain. His lack of common sense and tactical combat knowledge made it really unsurprising that he would get cornered by the enemy and caught in a fight he wasn’t prepared for. Not having the only intelligent fighter of his team with him will have been his final mistake as a general. I’m actually surprised the guy managed to lead as a general for so long with the way he fought, but now he had a real enemy and his carelessness brought an end to his life.

Break Blade Guillotine

While General True’s demise was unfortunate, it really was a great occasion to demonstrate the military strength and mercilessness of General Borcuse. I have no clue who was the girl piloting the guillotine-beetle golem, but having a custom golem of the sort into your rank must really goes to show how much of a bad ass you are. You always know when you are facing the A-team because their mecha are all customized, bigger and scarier than the rest of the crowd. The girl inside that particular Golem might not have a name or a face yet either, but she sure screams like a mad men, I don’t think I actually want to see her face after that.

Break Blade Power ranger

Speaking of A-team golem. I must say I laughed quite a bit at the very end when we saw the golem of the millennium squad. I felt like I was watching some episode of the Power Rangers or something. There were golem of every colour lined up in the traditional super hero squad way, it was quite the hilarious sight and I was simply unable to take the team seriously from there. Which is quite unfortunate since all the characters seems to have a personality and be pretty interesting in there. We have Rygart, our main character, followed by the Leader of the squad, Miss.Best Soldier. Then Girge is a serial murdered and the two others are guy who will die #1 and guy who will die #2 who also happens to be the brother of the commander. Usually, if you don’t get to remember their name after 1 or 2 episodes, it is because it won’t matter and they will die in an episode or two anyway. I still very much look forward in the way they will die, but I think we might have a couple more episodes before that happens. For now I’m hyped for the battles to come and to discover more about the characters and how they will deal with both enemies and allies in this battle. It seems we have a good recipe for tension right here after all.

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