Break Blade TV episode 9: Girge Vs Rygart

Break Blade TV girge surrender

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With the way things are going, I’m starting to like Girge much more than I ever liked Rygart. I understand that Rygart is the main protagonist for the show, but he is so undisciplined and impulsive sometimes that it makes him really difficult to relate to. It is so difficult for me to understand the actions of someone emotional who acts before they think, Girge seems much more human and normal to me than Rygart in many ways. Girge might be enigmatic and a traitor, but he does things for a reason. He never seems to complain, or at least never for real. He might look and act like a sociopath, but in the end what ever he does always end up helping everyone and working out fine. Maybe he is overconfident and insubordinate, but at least his insubordination ends up in huge tactical advantages, not in ambushes that leads to the death of your team.

Break Blade TV ambushed

This episode Rygart did everything wrong. He ran away without orders, he fought and lost precious equipment on his Golem, he got captured by the enemy and after all that, he place his team into a dangerous disadvantageous position. I feel like Girge and Rygart will come into great conflict soon, because their view on the world is rather contrasting. Somehow I hope that Rygart will learn a bit from Girge and become both a better person and a better soldier. I also want to learn more about Girge himself, the guy is obviously intelligent and has a lot of things he hides from everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if he simply never justified himself because he thought no one would understand him anyway. Either that or he is an anime cliché psychopath with no methodology…

Break Blade TV general borcuse

Still, this episode we got to a point where despite the huge advantage of the invading army, the little 5 man team of Rygart is putting quite a dent in their effort. If it were not for Rygart stupid action and the severe restriction put on Girge, they would have probably got quite a chance to repel that invasion. yet the way things currently stands…I think that Borcuse has the upper hand in this conflict and might very well bring victory to his people. I have a feeling that it is more than fighting that will be necessary to give a happy ending to this show, politics and friends will come into the mix too.

Overall I am uncertain where this show is going, I feel like it could turn really great or really lame depending on the choice it takes in the next episode. Considering that the show is a remake from an OVA series, I feel it is likely that the show will turn for the better, but you never know. If it gets too cheesy it might take away from all the serious emotion that went between Rygart and his friends. I just want a great finish since everything been good so far.

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