Break Blade TV episode 8: Ninja Time

Break Blade Nun-chunk

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I think there was a definite theme to this episode and that theme was Ninja. I will talk about the battle and everything else, but what really took priority this episode was that theme. First we had Rygart coming into battle so rapidly that he took out a whole wing before anyone noticed him. With his new throw weapon and the way he jumps around when he is shot, Rygart really fought like a ninja. He was definitively not as stealthy, but it remained just as impressive nonetheless. It seems that he comes equip with new armor and new type of armor at every single battle. I wonder if it simply because they are improving the design of the armor or just because they feel like testing multiple design depending on the situation. Those questions probably won’t be answered, because truth be told, the reason is probably just to give the anime more flavour and to make things differently from one fight to another.

Break Blade spear

Meanwhile, while Rygart was looking cool fighting like a ninja and killing small fries with his uber golem, Girge surprised everyone and showed his true killer nature. If the struggle for Rygart was to come to term with becoming a murderer, that struggle must have never happened for Girge because he was clearly born a sociopath. I must admit I was starting to be a bit bored with Rygart and his way of seeing things, Girge definitively brought a whole new universe of awesome to the fray. The fuck up and psycho’s are always the fun character to understand, it is so intriguing and interesting to see and understand the logic behind their madness. Girge is definitively highly intelligent and capable, even more so than anticipated. The guy acted as a coward in front of danger just so he could be left alone and do what he loves…killing people when they least expect it. Girge doesn’t seem to care much about war and battles, he just want to Kill people. The best way to do so is to attack alone as a lone assassin, he has no rules or superior to hinder him and he is free to kill and act as he pleases. The guy is talented in combat and manipulation, he probably think that having the others with him would only make it more difficult for him to fight as they are liabilities. I can understand him too, after all he was able to defeat most of General Borcuse elite forces all by himself, I would get cocky too if I were in his place. I’m eager to learn more about Girge, I feel like he will be a key player in the future and that he won’t just be yet another side character.

Break Blade psycho

Last but not least, I just want to give a little word on the actual battle that happened other than the key players. It was interesting to see the different combat strategy adopted by the generals in this battle. It was a nice touch that allowed us to discover the characters in a different way. We got to learn their true nature and what is important to them. General Baldr relied on courage and hope, while General Borcuse relies on Fear and the weaknesses of Man. It was rather obvious which strategy was the most effective, but I still believe that General Baldr has some good in him and that he might help in this war just as much as the new power ranger squad which Girge and Rygart are a part of.

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