Brothers Conflict episode 1 [First Impression]: a new family

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Hinata Ema has always wanted a family, but since her dad works overseas all the time she has not been able to. She is then invited into another household where she suddenly starts living with 13 other guys who will become her brothers.


…Oh boy.

Now that’s one heck of a reverse harem. If it wasn’t for the fact that this story will follow the generic template of reverse harems a little too much, I’d totally be up for watching this. I’ll have to admit, the concept of suddenly living together with 13 hot guys seems quite appealing in a sense. Of course, that’s only in our imagination… Living together with 13 real guys would most likely be hell.

There are many things which bothered me in this episode, but let’s begin with the things which were interesting. The actual concept was fun, and some character personalities seemed really interesting. Moreover, it seemed like the show’s humour wasn’t that bad, considering other reverse harems I’ve twins

brother emaI was also quite satisfied with the personality of the heroine. Of course, she still barely has any character traits at the moment… But this is only the first episode. I mean, at least she has a name, a face, and she talks. She also gets really embarrassed at everything… Which is hilarious considering a super feminine girl like her will suddenly be living with a ton of guys (I do understand Juli’s point of view now…) I feel like I could potentially feel attached to her personality, which is unlike pretty much any other harem except La Corda d’Oro.

The last thing I really enjoyed was seeing the squirrel, Juli. Of course, generic as this show is, they had to add a cute creature to do cute stuff somewhere. Well, as generic as Juli is, I can only say that I love seeing cute creatures do cute stuff, so I don’t care about the cliché much. That thing was adorable, hilarious, cute and seemed super fluffy. I want juli cute

But I’ve said enough good things now; it’s time to bring this show down. Honestly, this is disgustingly cheesy and will never have the potential to be a good show. Why? Well, for one, everyone articulates so freakin’ clearly that their personalities seem even more fake than what they actually are. I feel like I’m watching bad dubs again; and if I watch my shows subbed because I hate dubs in the first place, it means I don’t want voice acting in bad dubs quality. I feel like I’m playing a dating sim and I have to press A to continue after every sentence… This show comes from a novel, not a game! *slap*

brother kaname kissAnother thing that bothered me, especially with the idea that Ema wants to be in a new family, is that brothers decided to be flirty all in one shot and to hit on the girl like it’s nothing. I mean, she’ll still become your sister… At least make some efforts to hide how hard you are from seeing a girl living with you.

Apart from that… This show is generic, generic, generic… Did I say it was generic? Next thing you know, Ema will be a nice girl, she’ll find her ‘family’, she’ll uncover everyone’s secret past and all the guys will fall for her, but she’ll be closest to Subaru because he’s the only one who seems normal and he’s the hottest; she won’t be confessing anything though, because that would be destroying the harem. *yawn* I’m bored of this already.

brother subary shirtlessIf I watch the show, it’ll be for Juli and to see if the main character has some substance to her at all. I always end up watching at least the first few episodes of reverse harems, because I always find they could be really good only if they made it more like a romantic comedy; funnier with a bit more drama and characters we can actually feel attached to. In the end, though, I wouldn’t recommend this show unless you’re a 13 year-old girl, and I don’t see much potential in this at all.

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