BTOOOM! episode 10: Never Disrespect the Bro Code

Rule 4.If a girl falls into the following criteria, she is off limits forever until the end of time: 
A. Was an ex-girlfriend. 
B. Your Bro specifically told you he wanted her. 
C. Is your Bro’s sister.

Oda seriously failed to respect the bro code, no wonder that jackass finished on this damned island. I can perfectly understand why him and Oda have had some issues in the past, I would still be shit pissed at someone like that, you can hardly call this guy a friend at that point. Then again, you can already tell that there is another side to this story. Just like the way Sakamoto survived the explosion, we only had one point of view. Oda never told his story, did he really sleep with that girl only to be an ass? Was he trying to help Sakamoto man up and make sure he would stop being such a pussy? Or is Oda simply a humongous jerk?

After all, he was right that Sakamoto was a stupid white knight with no future ahead of him.  Sakamoto was just as intelligent, talented and worthy of Oda’s success, but he never went and get it. I think it must have been painful for Oda too, everyone might have loved him, but in the end no one really understood him.  No one had the intellect and awesomeness he had…except for Sakamoto. Sakamoto must have been the only real friend Oda ever had, yet Sakamoto most likely never understood that, never understood how special he was.

Now they are enemies on an island, they have to kill each other to get off the island, but I sometimes wonder if they would even do something like that eventually. Will Sakamoto really go into a fight to death with Oda? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sakamoto escaped with Oda instead, those two guys are badass and it would be even better to see their awesomeness combine to destroy the organization rather than seeing it use to destroy each other. They have the wit to steal the chopper if they work together, they can get everyone off that island. I’m just really curious what the audience reaction would be to see people save themselves by cheating that way. It was kind of awesome  after all at the beginning of the episode to see all those people watch them fight and die live on tv at all time. I’m really curious where they get those cameras to begin with.

Enough of Oda and Sakamoto, now the center piece of attention is Date, we all knew the betrayal was underway and now it happened. Sakamoto obviously didn’t die there, he fooled everyone once again, but I have no idea how he managed that one. My best bet is that the suitcase was too strong for the trap to be effective enough, but that’s such a weak guess that I wonder if it holds any truth. I guess we’ll see next week how Date will meet his end.

ZeroGhj signing off

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