BTOOOM! episode 11: Date’s date

poor date

Is it just me or was this episode a little lamer than the usual? We are approaching the final of BTOOOM! at full speed and yet this episode felt closer to a fanservice and a poor american action show. We had thousands of short flashback, there were explosions everywhere yet no one ever died and Himiko was just as cheesy as a female character can get.

bad ass look

I never was too fond of the idea that Date went back to the island once again even if he was such a failure at everything. I have an even harder time to understand why he was left alive. Murasaki is such a weak women it makes me sick. She is the embodiment of every women who are abused and never say anything, she is willing to care and go back to live with this spiteful and terrible man. I understand that everyone is even more of an asshole when they get to this island, but there must be something seriously wrong with you when you accept into your life someone who tried, and nearly succeeded in, killing you. I absolutely hate people who don’t even have the guts to do the right thing when they know what they should do, how they should do it, why they should do it. The situation was in no way ambiguous  I’ll just leave this thing as Sakamoto said, maybe you have to be a women to understand.

boob shield

Meanwhile the episode was really boring and the only thing that excited me (beside Himiko being naked and all) was the preview for next episode. Unsurprisingly Taira is insane and he’s trying to kill both Himiko and Sakamoto. It could be understandable after all, the guy is  on the edge and he sees them coming back only the two of them, the doctor who took care of him is now missing and they left him there for a long time. I’m curious how they will have Taira come to reason with them, the guy is nearly dead already, I wouldn’t be surprised if he died right there while fighting them. Then again, people are really hard to kill in this show, it took so many explosion to only injure Sakamoto.


Another possibility, is that Taira is already dead and someone else took his BIMs. After all they left him up there alone, the guy was injured and on the verge of death. Anyone could have went there by accident, found the guy, killed him and took his BIMs. Yet I’m pretty sure this won’t happen because  BTOOOM! is really cliché and there is no way Taira would just die, instead there will be some deeper confrontation between Taira, Himiko and Sakamoto to stimulate character development of those main characters.

Only 2 episodes left to the show, the end is near and I wonder if everything will be wrapped up properly or if this show will end abruptly with many unresolved issues.

ZeroGhj signing off

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