BTOOOM! episode 12 [Final]: Unfinished White Knight Story

hugging time

What the hell, why is this not a real ending ! I was afraid they would have to rush the ending, but now it’s even worse, there isn’t an ending at all ! I was certain that the show would finish in a single season, I don’t really want a second season anymore. Most of the secondary characters are already dead. I liked this show because it was new and fresh, but if they go for a second season I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand such a white knight character for long.


Let’s focus on the episode itself for now. I was never expecting for Tiara to kill himself in the end. I could see the insanity part coming, I could have seen him join with them again, but I never thought he would kill himself. He had a family waiting for him back home, a little boy, a wife. He was simply too weak to make it all the way, he decided to put an end to his misery instead of facing reality. I must admit I never really liked Tiara to begin with, but I thought this show was too fairy-tail-ish to have him die now that he went so far with the group. It seems that the longer I watch this show the more displeased I am with it. It went from such a dark and psycho theme only to end up a disappointing story with moral mixed into it.


I don’t want to watch a second season of BTOOOM! only to see Sakamoto and Himiko hugging and telling each other they have pretty eyes. I loved Kira, Oda and every other psycho character in the show, I don’t want to follow the life of two lovers, otherwise I would be watching a romantic comedy, not a survival game. Of course it could be interesting to see the behind the scene of the game especially since it seems that Sakamoto’s father is involved somehow, but there really needs to be something awesome in the next season because this season left me with a feeling of regret. I regret watching this show and recommending it so much, because it only went down in awesomeness as the season went on. This episode was pretty solid I can’t deny it, but the whole hugging and kissing ending, with Sakamoto holding back and acting even more like a pussy just pissed me off. Too much caring in a show about killing each other.

not so sexy time

I just wish the main character could grow a pair and stop crying every 2 minutes, sympathy and kindness is not something I’m looking for in this kind of show, could we follow Kira or Oda instead? Those two have the mind I am looking for, they know how to play this game and how to be awesome.

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