BTOOOM! episode 2: Men are Scum

This show is just as dark and messed up as I hoped it would be. I was expecting people to blow up already, I was expecting girls to be exploited. I received everything that I bargained for. I was not expecting this whole episode to be about Himiko, but I was not disappointed by it either. She had quite the interesting story, what more, she actually retained memories of why she was brought there in the first place. While it was not precisely explained why she got there, it seems it is only someone else’s grudge that brought her there.

I knew that this girl was going to be the center of attention on the island, if not only because she has boobs and a vagina and everyone else happens to be guys. I think it was quite a good idea of her to have a stun-gun close-by. It sure saved her from a lot of trouble (and especially a lot of weight) when that fat geek tried to rape her. Too bad that she was too scared to kill him right there, she was really close to get completely raped when he attacked her a second time.

I don’t even know what I found most disturbing this episode, the big, fat, sweaty geek who smelled and tried to rape Himiko, or if Himiko memories were even worse. I think I’d have to go with the memories. It might be one really hard and cruel thing to be raped, but to be responsible for the rape of 3 of your friends. The weight must be absolutely terrible, those 3 girls are now scarred for life, not only that, they resent Himiko so much that they might very well be responsible for her waking up on that island.

I have no idea why this band decided to rape a group of girl like that. Those girls were asking for it to begin with, why not try to seduce them and get what you want rather than forcibly rape them? They were already head over heels for those guys, why did something like that even happen is beyond me. Is it that the girls were too naïve and the guys took advantage of them? or is it that the guy just didn’t even bothered trying and raped them right off the bat? I still have trouble understanding what happened there exactly, but it was disturbing to say the least.

Now that our two main characters have been introduced it is time that this story gets going. It seems like next episode Himiko and Sakamoto won’t be united just yet, but we already know that this is only a question of time. Next episode maybe we will understand what the hell Sakamoto is on this island to begin with, and hopefully Himiko won’t be raped just yet.

ZeroGhj signing off

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