BTOOOM! episode 3: New Duo

It might have took 3 episodes before we were finally able to learn what happened to Sakamoto for him to get on this deadly island, but at the very last we found some random dude who happened to remember. I can’t say it is such a bad thing that we had to wait for so long, it has let us learn more about the two main characters before we were completely immersed into the story. It is different from other traditional shows approach where the story begins with little the viewer having little to no knowledge of the characters and their backstory is explored during the course of the story.

He looks like one stupid sociopath

This time we have the characters and we will discover what the story is about over time. We might have learned what is happening, but we have no idea who is that fat guy, no idea why, no idea how. That’s a lot of questions left to find out for this season, it should keep us occupied.

Even without instructions, Sakamoto knew how to uses his gear just right

Meanwhile in the episode itself, we are having fun watching innocent bystander die. I really like the fact that this show looks really like a team objective game. Food is thrown from the sky, it is easy to spot, easy to reach and they quickly become an objective for the game. You may be able to spend a day or two without food, but if you don’t get the objective once in while you will be dead either way. Getting food has never been so exciting. The show was already quite messed up since everyone had radar to locate and kill each other to begin with, but now it is not even needed to chase their target, they can simply lay traps at objective points.

Too bad that her fire resistant clothes didn’t save her

I’m a little stunned that Sakamoto decided to team up with anyone, especially since both of them most likely have in mind to betray the other one as soon as they are not needed anymore. At the same time, those kind of alliance are usually the most beneficial, everyone is constantly watching their back, but everyone also have their back to the wall. Sakamoto can go and kill the old man if he wants, but at the same time the guy is a great meatshield and he has extra firepower that he can use against Sakamoto. While Sakamoto is more fit, more agile and overall more able than that big fat guy, he remains a single person. If he can find other people to fight with, he will stand a better chance than if he goes around alone. He might be the 5th best player of BTOOOM! in the world, but he got there because of his team, not his talent alone. You need good partner around you to make it to the top, same goes in real life. Those who go around alone have the highest risk of death, greediness might lead to greatness, but more often than not if leads to your demise. Let’s see if Sakamoto will keep the path of friendliness or if he will start killing everyone on sight.


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