BTOOOM! episode 4: Psycho-Killer

There is a thin line between reality and virtual, sometimes the line blurs and some lives their life through games. It happens times and times again, people whom the world has abandoned turns to games to live the life they ever wanted. This time it was the contrary that happened to Sakamoto, real life felt so unreal, so distant from reality that he confused it for a game. I don’t know if Sakamoto will become a psychopath just like Kousuke, or if he will manage to keep his cool and only activate his gaming sense when it matters, but he could become one dangerous bastard.

We’ve talked enough about Sakamoto for now, Kousuke is a much more interesting character and we just got to meet him for the first time in this episode. I already found that there were a lot of psychotic and cruel people on that plane, but now Kousuke just top them all. The father already was quite messed up, but his son took it to a whole new level. He killed his victims than raped them? Holy shit I love that kid. I already found Himiko who was responsible for the rape of her friend to be quite the mess, but this kid is a necrophiliac sociopath…and he’s 14 !

I love how Kousuke uses his insanity and his abusive father as an excuse for his violence. He doesn’t try to deny that he is insane and dangerous, instead he seeks for people to accept it, he wants people to know and tell him he is insane, that is how he gets his ego fix. In the end violence as simply become a way to gain attention for the kid, since he started killing people all the attention was on him and he never had any consequence from his acts because he is so young and the parents were always to blame. To be fair, the father is indeed at fault here, but one could actually praise him. It must be really hard and demanding to fucked up your parenthood so much that your kid becomes a psycho who ends up killing you.

In the end, Sakamoto and the old man now have 3 crystal and food. Yes Kiyoshi might have broken his ankle, but it wasn’t for nothing. Seriously though, that guy is so fat and useless I hope he either find himself a use or he can just die. All the food will be wasted on his fatness instead of on Sakamoto’s awesome fighting skill and energy. There is no doubt anymore that Sakamoto has the best bet to win this game of Battle Royal, not only because he is the main protagonist, but also because he seems to be able to fight just as well in the real world than in the world of BTOOOM!

Next episode hints that Himiko will finally join Sakamoto, this should be interesting, it will be a good change to have girl boobs in the face and not only the moobs of the old guy.


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