BTOOOM! episode 5: Worst parenting ever

Why does it have to be lizard ! Just kidding, I love those Komodo Dragon. They are super lizard on steroid  They are huge, hunts in group and they have  “dragon” in their name. What more could you ask for? I guess I could ask for snakes…snakes would be great too.

Anyway, let us go through the actually important part of this week episode. Himiko makes her appearance again ! Yet for some reason I find her a little less friendly and attractive than before. It might be because of her sudden urge to kill anything that has a penis, it has me slightly worried for the survival of my reproductive abilities. I guess it is quite understandable to be this scared of men when you were nearly raped so many times, but it is still a little harsh to try to kill every man who stands a little to close on that island. At least it seems that at first she had enough conscience left to consider keeping Sakamoto alive long enough to hear what he had to say.

Yes most guys on the island are jerks, but if you keep in mind the fact that they were all sent there because they pissed people off, then it is easy to understand why the majority of them are sociopath and rapist. To be honest I’m kind of sorry for Himiko that she was hated so much by her friend that she was sent there, she might very well be one of the kindest and most innocent of the bunch. She is rape material too, so it doesn’t help her case. She was sent on the island because her 3 friends hated her, but in fact she was in no way responsible for their rape. She had no way to know and she barely escaped being raped herself. It is a bit cruel to have her sent there.

Despise that, her friends are not the worst. Sakamoto’s mom sent him there, his freaking mom ! How weak must that woman be to send her child to die in a deathmatch on some remote island. She sent her child to die and then tried to kill herself, how can some loser parents like them managed to raise a child good enough for him to actually amount to anything is beyond me. I can’t even say who is the worst parent between Sakamoto’s mom and Kira’s dad. Would I rather be abused and raped by my father or send to die a painful death by my mother?

In the end, it seems like everyone on the island deserved to get on there, it was karma who sent them on the island and some kind of weird and twisted justice will be served to them to be such assholes in life. I just wonder what will happen to them once they actually come back to the real world, it must be kind of annoying to still work with the people who sent you to your death.

ZeroGhj signing off

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