BTOOOM! episode 6: Law of the fittest

Those Komodo dragons really are pesky little creatures, I would have thought that after having two of their friends killed they would have given up chasing after creatures that are way too big for them, in total they killed about 4 before using the gas and the Komodo Dragons were still chasing after them at that point. 5 more had to die in the poison gas before they finally gave up.

Meanwhile we already pretty much figured out that you could not use BIMs of someone else,  but now it was clarified. You cannot use someone else’s BIMs as long as they are alive. Therefore it was a really bad strategy of Sakomoto do steal Kira’s BIMs without killing him, now he has both a sociopath on the loose and useless BIMs on him. Maybe next time he won’t  just leave the people run away after they tried to kill him.  Friends or Foe, that’s how it works on the island, there is no in-between.

I was kind of surprised to see a safe refuge on the island. I was not expecting there to be anything other than wild life and explosion on that island. It kind of change the game a bit. It means that survival in its purest form isn’t the goal out there, the aim is all about the game and only the game. The food, the supplies, the place to sleep; they all are simple map objective for people to fight for. I think the think I would be most afraid on that island would be to sleep. We all have to do it, yet it is so easy to be woken up by a timer bomb in your pants.

All this fear and all those death are only a ways for a game company to acquire data. I have no idea why they are gathering those data and what purpose it could have. How could having people killed that way help anything? To make their game more realistic? Why would you need to have data of people playing a death match on an island for realism, you could just kill people in a lab instead of having people fight for the death having only limited visibility with some hidden cameras.

With those hidden cameras they can watch everyone lament and express their Guilt. It seems everyone on the island were assholes in one way or another, some of them were psychopath, other one were evil lawyer or evil salesman, some of them even nearly got raped; in the end, they were all hated and they know about it. Some of them have come to accept this as punishment for their sins, but I think the happiest of the bunch are the psychopath, they get to enjoy a good killing without any consequences what so ever.

ZeroGhj signing off

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