BTOOOM! episode 7: Virtual Bride

I hate the concept of in-game marriage, especially in games where it makes no sense at all like BTOOOM!. In a RPG I can understand how marriage could be a way to express the life of your virtual character a different way and to push the limit of your imagination and virtual life, but why would you even want to marry in a game like BTOOOM! ? The game is all about deathmatch and has no continuity at all. I can understand having a clan, having ranks, but why oh why would there be marriage? Even if it was done unofficially in some part of the game, why would there even be something else to the game than the deathmatch?

Nevertheless, I could perfectly understand why Himiko wouldn’t want to let Sakamoto know that she is indeed the one he married. She never wanted to meet him in real life, their virtual relationship was only a way to escape reality for her and live in her fantasy. She never intended to actually marry this man in real life and it could make things really complicated if Sakamoto was to discover. contrarily to Sakamoto, Himiko had a life outside of video games. Sakamoto played so much that he had no other social life and therefore a relationship in a video game meant has much as a relationship in real life for him.

Furthermore, it would be extremely embarrassing to have him know you are the one he married to while you are tied up, legs spread and you tried to kill him just a couple episode back. In those situation, I would have lied too, no way I’d want him to know that I love him after everything I’ve done and everything that happened. You usually want to have your best foot forward in those kind of scenario, not your skirt lifted.

Back to the  action, I’m quite surprised that Sakamoto managed to kill Miyamoto so easily. Yes there was quite the intense struggle and Sakamoto had no chance what so ever at hand to hand combat, but he did manage to defeat Miyamoto with really limited amount of BIMs. While it just goes to show how good Sakamoto is at this game, it really makes it seem a little stupid that such a skinny and shut-in guy managed so much in real life.

Most people went crazy once the game begun after all, just this episode the lawyer Natsume lost his mind and he was definitively past insanity before he died. The same goes for Taira who is really close to lose his mind now that he has already lost his hand. I wonder in which state will Himiko and Sakamoto find him when they come back…if they do manage to come back that is (who am I kidding, of course they will they are the main protagonist).

It seems that this game of real life BTOOOM! is the third one and I am most curious to know what exactly happened in the previous ones and what the hell is the objective of this game.

ZeroGhj signing off

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