BTOOOM! episode 8: Fear of Betrayal

Trust is such a beautiful and terrible thing at the same time. Even if you love someone, even if you were willing to put your life in the hand of someone else, fear alone would always prevent you from telling everything that is on your heart. You do know what the answer to the question would be, you can guess with 99% certitude what you are going to hear, yet even then, you are always afraid to hear the other 1%. What if the thing you are most scared of was true? What if the answer fell on the 1%? Your trust and respect for that person would be destroyed in a single instant. Everything you believed in, the person you trusted would turn out to be someone completely different than you imagine, someone you would never like to have liked to begin with. This is the case right now with Himiko, she fell absolutely in love with Sakamoto, but she still doesn’t know much of him and her hate for men is not quite quelled yet. She really want to trust him and believe in him, but unfortunately she still have this fear, the fear that maybe that old hag was right and Sakamoto will try to kill her in the end. This is why she is so afraid to tell her about it, she is scared that maybe he will betray her if she does, exactly as she feared.

Shiki was so brilliantly betrayed too, just as she saw the light of the tunnel the man she loved and respected headbutted her and blew up her hand, I can understand why she would hate anyone playing this game, but I must admit I am a little surprised she is only afraid of men and not of everyone, after all we saw it clearly at the beginning of the episode that some bitch can be just as cruel and maybe even more sadistic than her boyfriend was.  I think that her general idea that everyone on the island is an asshole is a good thing to keep in mind, after all let’s remind ourselves that those people were assholes enough to have their name written on those flyers. Now when you send some assholes on an island where nothing you do matter and everyone has to fight for survival, you just have to expect to be betrayed, raped and killed. If I had to choose between living and betraying, you would see me betray my own mother twice a day.

It is a little hilarious that the same guy who once fought and won on the island is already back in the same game as before. It would be even more fun if Shiki found out about it, next episode we will see so many new face it is incredible, it seems that just about every character we know who are still alive on the island will appear and Sakamoto will finally actually meet the best player in the game next to him !

ZeroGhj signing off

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