BTOOOM! episode 9: Food Fight

The two strongest player on the island are fighting each other and this will be the last fight for sure, since the one winning will have nearly 2 times the number of chips required to leave the island. Both of them are pretty smart and know how the game works, I’m really curious to know more about this other player, he sure is something else and therefore there simply must be an interesting back story associated with him. From the little preview we had of the next episode, we know that it seems Sakamoto and Oda are already acquainted to each other. I’m not sure if this is absolutely true or simply me interpreting things in a weird way, but it sure is the impression that the preview gave me.

On a different note, I’m always surprised at how athletic Sakamoto is. For a neat who plays game every day and every hour he sure knows how to run and jump everywhere. Look I’m pretty good at video game too, but don’t expect me to replicate the athletic action I do in game in real life. I have no idea how to shoot a gun if it requires anything more than pressing the trigger and don’t get me started on throwing grenades, I can hardly throw a baseball straight, I would most likely kill all my teammates by accident if I were to throw BIMs.

We already knew from last episode preview that Date was going to join Sakamoto’s team, but it is still a little silly that Sakamoto never realized he was a liar, that kid is a little too trustful for his own good. At least Himiko is with him and she’ll protect him from his own foolishness, from the very beginning she didn’t trust the guy (not for nothing for once). After he tried to kill her I wouldn’t be surprised that she tell Sakamoto before the end and that this guy will be turned to ashes before the last episode. At the very least I hope this is what going to happen with that guy, he deserves it times 10.

On a different note, I’m really confused how Sakamoto managed to survive Oda’s trap at the end, i’m pretty sure he should have died at least 10 times there, there were so many mines on the ground and they exploded at once, not only that, they were all really close and I cannot begin to understand how none of them could have been strong enough to at least hurt him a little. Sakamoto is not made of adamantium last I checked, If you are that close to so many small explosion the shock wave would cause internal bleeding at the very least. Now was there some sort of trick or was this incident simply movie magic? I seriously hope it wasn’t the second option, the show was so good up until now it would be terrible to my esteem of it if such cheap trick were used to explain something as crucial as that. They better have a pretty damn good reason at the beginning of the next episode !

ZeroGhj signing off

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