BTOOOM! Final Review

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BTOOOM! Had such great premise and such a great run, how unfortunate that the anime never lived up to the expectation I had for it.

Art and Animations

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In term of the art of BTOOOM! I can’t say that there was anything really original with it, but it was well done nonetheless. The action scenes were well made and clearly defined, it really helped to make the action feel even better than it was. One thing I could say about the art style is the overly shonen approach the show had considering how gruesome and dark the promise was. The blood and gore elements were really minimalist and anywhere near disgusting and detailed enough for this kind of show. I would have expected to see severed limbs with the bones sticking out a little or to have blood in just about every corner of every rooms. Instead, we had little to no blood, when someone died we had only vague image of their bodies and we were never met with really awesome morbid scenes.

There was nothing wrong with the art of this show, but it wasn’t anywhere as amazing as it could have been either. It just seems like the art was dumb down so youngster could see the show.

Rating: 8/10



Here is where the difficulty comes in my rating of the show. I absolutely loved just about all of the antagonists, they were all different and interesting and every character had the luxury to have a backstory and therefore it was possible to relate even with the short-lived antagonists of the show. The problem I have with the character of this show comes from the main character. I must admit I liked Sakamoto much more when he was amnesiac than when he remembered everything. In a show were the premise is bloodshed, you don’t want a weak-hearted white knight to be at the center of the action. How disappointing it is to see everyone killing each other and being awesome only to have the main character showing minimal amount of aggression and avoiding killing just about everyone he encounters.

Every characters had interesting background and personalities, but somehow the main character is one of the most generic possible and it kills all the effort that made the antagonist awesome. Sakamoto even had the right background set up, but the way he evolves psychologically is absolutely boring and generic. Because of this, I give this show only an 8 for character development and design.


Rating 8/10

Soundtrack & Opening/Ending

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The opening of BTOOOM! won the 5th position of our Top OP of the season, the performance speaks for itself. The opening song was beautiful and catchy and while the opening animation was a little generic, the beauty of the show and how well the animation went with the music made it a pleasure to listen to every episode. Meanwhile the ending song was just as catchy and appropriate for an ending, but the ending consisted of only a zoom out of a still-shots and therefore wasn’t able to make it to this season’s Top 5.

All in all the music and both opening and ending of the show were absolutely incredible and have set this show one step closer to awesomeness.

Rating 8/10



 This is where the show starts to lose some steam. The show has solid story for the characters, solid backgrounds, but the show itself lacks any solid story. The episodes are really slow-paced in term of story telling, it took about 3 episodes for a single fight to occur and it wasn’t even the final one. The episodes were paced to have at least one super action moment in each of them, while it kept the action coming, it made it so the story was sometimes really slow and uninteresting when you looked past the action.

In the end this is a show that is supposed to have some kind of story past the mortal combat battles.  There is some deeper story to be told, some old friend confrontation to be had. Since the story was so poor and only getting worse over time, this get the show a six on ten.

Rating: 6/10


Overall Entertainment Value


 At the beginning of the season I believed this show to hold great promise, it had all the cool element I hope to see in this kind of shows; great characters, great music, great art and a serious tone. Unfortunately the main character turned out to be a pussy and the story never really went anywhere. What’s more, the story doesn’t even ended by the end of the season, nothing is over and there is no conclusion, how are we expected to feel fulfilled after watching something like this?

The action was intense and interesting, but in the end the show left me with an empty feeling. This show should have been so much more but it became too moral-ly for my taste and it made me dislike watching it in the end. The show isn’t terrible, don’t get me wrong, but it sure missed it’s chance to be awesome.


Rating: 6/10




In the end BTOOOM! wasn’t bad, but it failed to achieve anything meaningful with its run. The show should have been much better than it was, unfortunately it wasn’t even close to the masterpiece the initial episode gave a hint at. The show suffered from bad pacing, content too childish and perfect to fit his grim premise and a boring main character. BTOOOM! is still an interesting show to watch, but I won’t recommend it unless you can’t find anything better to watch. Not good enough to be a must watch and not bad enough to be laugh at, this show will be forever forgotten in the future, how sad…

Final Rating: 7/10


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