BTOOOM! [First Impression] episode 1: Decapitation time

I love anime and video games, therefore I love to see them united like this. I feel a little guilty to have such pleasure to combine those two things together, it makes me feel so happy that I feel dirty about it.

While Sword Art Online covered the RPG aspect of video game really well, it seems like BTOOOM! will be all about the first person shooters. While it seems that the video game BTOOOM! doesn’t use any guns and only bombs, I feel like the game is still closer to a first person shooters than bomberman. Contrary to Sword Art Online, this show is not about being in a video game, but instead living one. I think SAO’s format is more interesting, but that doesn’t mean that BTOOOM! doesn’t look anything close to amazing.

I find it kind of cliché to have the main character lose memory of what happened to him like that.  I understand that it makes for a better plot to have the background comes as the story goes and it is interesting to learn stuff at the same time as the protagonist, but come on. It has been done hundreds of time and will be done a thousand more. Sometimes I walk around in the streets and wonder if I won’t lose consciousness out of nowhere. Maybe because I hit myself on a street lamp, or maybe I get hit by a car. This is not a small case of amnesia he has either, he doesn’t remember anything past one specific point. It feels like he was drugged, or something really close to that. Hopefully we will understand a bit more what happened as the story progresses.

That’s one creepy mom

Meanwhile, let’s go to the focus and important part of this show: Girls and Explosions. It seems this show will be aimed towards a more manly audience, We already saw blood, explosion and guys torn to pieces. We now also have a girl loosely dressed with a short skirt, this is going in the right direction. I hope to see a show in the same veins as Gantz: Bloody, sexual and cruel.  I can already see how this show could develop in a similar fashion, we already have a kid who ends up in a shitty situation involving killing people. We already have hints of tough guy raping the only girl on the island. This is some real life, primal fight, it is survival time.

Therefore, here is my verdict. If you are into hardcore, violent and sexual anime, this show will most likely be for you. I’m not too sure about the sexuality that will be involved just yet, but I expect something at least of the level of Deadman Wonderland, but hopefully it will reach close to Gantz level. This show will be in my watch list, so stay tuned for next week.

ZeroGhj signing off

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