Buddy Complex episode 1 [First Impression]: Time Travellers

Buddy Complex menacing mecha

Sooo, this show sounds like a yaoi / sci-fi/ mecha show. It is already easy to see most of the plot and where it will be going and I can’t say that I like it. I don’t mind show with heavy underlying yaoi in them, but this show sound like a rather unrefined mecha to me. The premise of a young high school kid going into the future and fighting a war he has yet to be old enough to see is something that isn’t particularly interesting to me.

Especially after watching Valvrave and seeing how lame it ended I’m even less likely to give Buddy Complex a hint of a chance at getting started, I just don’t feel like watching this show one bit. The first episode felt flat to me, the mecha were not really interesting and the atmosphere felt way too light and carefree for me to get emotionally invested in the show.

The time travelling factor is kind of interesting, it often lead to very interesting story element if done right, but at the same time I have a feeling that the first episode time travelling episode are all the time travel that will happen throughout the show, I don’t think it likely that time travel will be a feature in this and that instead it will turn into a quite standard mecha instead. The name of the show alone is a huge turn off since it sounds like some weird porn fetish more than anything else. I won’t be blogging this show nor watching it, but hey, we got our first new show of 2014 out, so that’s something…right?

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