Busou Shinki [first impression] episode 1: what the hell is this shit?

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Who the fuck had the idea to make this show? What the hell is it even to be? A slice of life/ pokemon style combat/ mecha ? I don’t even know where to begin with this chibi mecha fighters. I cannot comprehend how anyone could watch this show as anything else than a troll show. It just seems like every single genre is mixed into one show. We have a cute slice of life, with innocent little fairies, that are fighting in mechas and this is all set into the future. To add to it, there is a harem and ecchi feel to the show. This is all just wrong.

I will never ever cover another episode of this show, not even watch another one. I definitively put this show in the same category as My Little Pony. I was somehow expecting something really serious and awesome, but how can I take this show seriously for even a second when it consist of small robot in mechas who are fighting? Those fairies in armor are not even remotely believable in their fighting. The fight scenes were atrocious; we didn’t get to see anything worthwhile. Even if the combat was better, the show spent more time with slice of life stuff and unboxing than anything else. I usually don’t care for little girls in school talking about their day, so if you give me little dolls talking about their master all the time, you have no idea how much of a fuck I do not give.

I think I would have a headache if I were to watch this show. They must have said the word «master» at least a hundred times in this episode alone. There are just so much random stuff crammed into a single show, and there is not anything good that could ever come out of it. Even as a parody or a satire, this show is terrible. I did not laugh for a second. It is not aimed at comedy, and it really tries to have this cutesy feeling to it. Yet, it just seems like no one could ever like this show except for trolls. Little girls would have no interest in the mecha fighting or the science fiction, mecha fans don’t give two shits about those little dolls with emotions, and any sane person would be terribly offended to have a fairy mecha show that is more oriented towards the slice of life story than the action.

I will not blog this show, I will not watch this show and I will not recommend this show to anyone. There are some horrors every new anime seasons, and this is one of them. Leave it there and pretend it never existed. The only reason I would see anyone take notice of this show is to trick a friend into watching the first episode for shits and giggles.


ZeroGhj signing off

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