Little Busters! [First Impression] episode 1: Disappointing Randomness

I know that this show was expected by many because of the visual novel. It has a huge fanbase and everyone was excited and anticipated Little Busters! to appear in anime form. I haven’t read the visual novel, but I’ve just watched the first episode of this show and I am not impressed.

The characters all look quite interesting, but the show is just a little too light for my liking. I just feel that the content of the episode was simply too empty. We have a group of friends doing random stuff and they all have eccentric personalities, but when you look past that, this show is devoid of anything else. The story doesn’t look solid at all.

I feel like the show is more of a slice of life / comedy than anything else. I don’t mind comedy, but I really dislike slice of life. Maybe some drama will occur in the future that will give this show a reason to exist, but right now I just see no reason why I would want to see the second episode at all. If you have already read the visual novel, you might know what is coming next and it might help you to find the motivation to watch what will follow, but if you take a mere anime follower like me, Little Busters! looks like a show where a second look is not even necessary.

I won’t be watching this show any further, unless for some reason I hear that the show becomes awesome out of nowhere. This being said, J.C Staff doesn’t have such a great reputation nowadays, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they simply mess up everything. The characters look so interesting, but I feel that maybe they are simply not presented the right way yet.

In the end, the reason why this is so boring is simply its lack of an interesting plot. I don’t see where the show will be going. To be honest, I feel that this show isn’t going anywhere, it feels like just a big mash-up of many different random elements with humour mixed in. This simply isn’t a genre that I am willing to spend time watching. It does not entertain me one bit.

On a side note, it really doesn’t help that the show starts talking about baseball in the very first episode. I hate baseball and any other sport; it simply isn’t my cup of tea. The show might have had a better impression on me if they did actually fight with the cat .

ZeroGhj signing off

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