[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control [Final Impression]

Now is the time for the final look at [C], let’s see how good that show really was!

Animation & Art:

I felt like the art in [C] was a bit rushed by moment. While the emotion was really felt in the animation and the character looked convincing, I felt that the spark of life was missing in the visual. Now the art was not disgusting, but it was subpar compared to other anime of the same caliber.  If only the show could have more depth in the visual it would have made it a think to remember for all eternity.

Rating: 7/10


The Characters in [C] are not so interesting. There is very little character development in the end. At first yoga is an indecisive young man, and in the end he is a decisive man who knows he doesn’t want anything precise other than protecting those around him.  And for the other characters in the show? Only Msyu seems to change, everyone else knows what he wants and how to achieve it, there is no character development involved. Not only very little character development is involve, the character themselves are not very interesting. They have regular personality and very little “strange” to show. An interesting character is one we can’t agree with or that we can’t understand, not much of that was shown. The only character that come into mind here is Masakaki but he was a secondary character without much story going on around him, he was simply a supporting character.


Therefore I believe that the characters in the show were not its strong point.


Rating : 5/10

Original Sound Track & Opening/Closing theme:

Do you remember that awesome songs that played that one time? Me neither. There was nothing note worthy in term of music during the show. There was not any sucky songs either, but nothing that was good enough to really stick in your head.  While the opening was interesting and did show all the character and interesting action, I felt like it was missing something to be awesome, it felt simply ordinary. The ending was not much more awesome either, to be honest I would not have even remembered what the ending song was had I not re watched it a moment ago. The music was nothing to be overly excited about, but it was not boring either.

Rating: 7/10


Now we get to my favorite part. The Story. The story is quite simple really in [C], a young boy is brought in a cruel world and needs to fight to survive and find his place in this crazy universe. That is the story overall. Now while the general story might not look like something out of the ordinary, the concept and the way the universe work is wonderful. [C] is not really about action, it is an anime that makes you think more than it makes you feel.


A world where people’s future are the collateral for one personal greed? that is something that we see a lot, but never in this form. Usually in stories you will have a character kill someone to gain power. Here it is the same thing, but the consequences are not hidden anymore. It is way harder to forget about everything you’ve taken away from someone when you see his life disapearing slowly in front of your eyes. It is more brutal and saddening than a dead body.

This is what [C] is about, it helps you realize and remember the things in life that we take for granted and that we believe in so much that we don’t even question their existance anymore. It helps you realize how everything in life is so fragile and could so easily vanish. This is why the story was wonderful and this show was so amazing.


Rating: 9/10

Overall Entertainment Value:

[C] was not a show that I would recommand for everyone. It involves a lot of talking and really few action scene. The story is not one that you can see on the first level, you have to think in order to understand the real meaning in what you are watching. For someone looking for a distraction to relax their mind, this might not be the best show. For people looking for action and awesomeness and explosion, this is not the right choice either. But If you are like me, and what you are looking for is a piece of art that tries to communicate deeper meaning and ideologies through visual media, this is an interesting piece of work that is worth looking at. The reflections happening after an episode of [C] is refreshing and help keep a vivid mind and could potentialy open your eyes to certain reality of our world. For me, this show was a fountain of miracle and a real rainbow to my eyes.

Rating: 9/10


[C]’s strong point lies in the show deeper meaning and its story, it was a great idea, a beautiful message, but with average art to supplement it. Music and visuals were not as impressive as one could hope from such a good show. Nonetheless, this was pure quality in term of story, it is a pleasant change to the endless wave of ecchi and summer romance the anime business throw at us. I would recommand this show if you want to watch something philosophical or if you like finance, but if you are looking for some hot chicks or some big explosion, this might not be the kind of show for you.


Final Rating: 7/10

ZeroG signing off

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