[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 8: Rapture


The financial district is slowly losing money and the once lively city has now become a ghost town. How will Mikuni save Japan from disappearing from the map?


Things are starting to move forward, we finally start to realize how Midas is working, but it might be too late already. Everything we saw this episode was so much more frightening and intense than what I expected. When a district goes bankrupt the whole region around it loses its future.

That Yoga is a pro pedophile, he can make children disapear so easily

Things are turning towards horror more than I expected this show to be. The collapse of the South America district left a hole in the map where the country called the Caribbean Republic once was.

That was one powerful district to destroy so much land

Later in the episode we see people disappear left and right as the future of the Tokyo region is slowly falling to pieces and meanwhile the South East Asia District collapse and the city of Singapore and its surrounding is disappearing because of it.

Before it used to be the concern of every member that if they went bankrupt then they would lose their future. While this in itself is terrifying, it is even worse to think that a whole country could lose its future.

In the episode we finally see the final consequence of losing our future. Ebara-sensei had lost is future little by little, for his child, then his wife, later on he lost the concentration to work and now he lost the will to live. Since he did not kill himself even without the will  to live, an accident happened where he lost his life anyway. How cruel a fate is this for someone to live through? Now imagine this happening to a civilization, it is worse than a mass genocide.

No, trying to fly will not bring your children back

Now in my previous review I predicted two things that would happen in this episode, that we would learn that Msyu is Yoga’s sister and that Mikuni would most likely have went bankrupt. I was right on one of those two prediction, while I was so wrong on the other. Mikuni as not collapsed, it is the district itself that is collapsing. But now I feel even more confident in my other prediction about Yoga’s sister being Msyu. I believe even more in everything I said in my previous review. Now I am just really curious in the role this will play in the story. What new information we got this episode?

We now know that there is some kind of higher force that control the districts. We also know that there are differents “representant” in each city. And the one of the SEA district seemed to be quite amused about the whole thing going to pieces. Now maybe this is speculation only because I’ve been influence from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica last season, but I believe something evil and cruel is behind the purpose of these district, to have such a collapse and so many life to disappear seem to be the desire of those that implement the district.

No matter what happen next, I am hooked and this anime is definitively amazing. I am looking forward to the cruelty and horror that is to come, I welcome it even. This is what anime should be about.

Things I liked about this episode:

– Confirmation that Msyu is Yoga’s sister

– The consequence of a collapsing district


I was never expecting so much from this show when I started watching it. I would have never guess such grim things would occur only a week ago. Things are going to hell and I am quite interested in knowing how Mikuni plan to save everyone and what this plan [C] is all about.

ZeroG signing off

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