Campione! Episode 2: Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me


Vantage is on vacation this week and therefore I’ll be covering Campione! this week in his stead.

First of, let me say that for a shy and inexperienced guy, Godou sure became really popular with the ladies. Just about every girl he see now wants him, I guess that it is a consequence of becoming a King of Kings. At least now I found my motivation to become a god slayer too. I could care less about power and to be one of 7 great demon, but if it means I’ll have all the prettiest ladies, I’m all in.

 In other news, I think that Godou’s sister might have a brother complex. She is very possessive of her older brother, to such degree that I found her really obnoxious about it. I don’t know what kind of relationship they used to have, but I don’t see why she would make such a big deal when a new girl comes into Godou’s life. It is not like she has a say in whom he will date. Even if she doesn’t like the girl she should know her place and just shut up and accept it.  It ain’t lie Erica is such a hideous and mean lady either. If this was my sister, I would have put her in her place already.

Can I see your Panties?

After all, Godou is now a God Slayer. God are immortal, so it is a big deal if you manage to somehow kill something that is immortal. Even more so since he managed to kill the god of Victor, the one god who was never defeated…ever. He has all the right to be a selfish bastard now, he could have a harem of pretty girl like Erica to serve him, but of course, that kind of character would scare away the gentle ladies who are watching this show. So instead, Godou will remain the cute and harmless guy he is currently. I can’t give too much shit on him either, he does have self-confidence and he has guts, so it’s not like he is an average loser either, I can go and respect the guy.


Now that Godou has acquired the powers of the Victor, he can use all kind of animal power to slay his opponent. We have only see 3 of his power, but it  was still quite impressive, I would not have expected him to understand so quickly how to use all of them. He is a quick learner, he probably wouldn’t have defeated a god otherwise after all. But this brings me to my final point.

How could you !

He destroyed the Colosseum of Rome ! What kind of madness is that ! I don’t care if you are fighting and learning about your power, don’t go around and destroy wonder of the world ! That building was standing since millennium ! How dare he destroy part of the world history and culture just on a whim like that. You must have some consideration, even if you don’t care about the past, the city of Rome makes millions because of old structures like that, don’t ruin the city economy just because you felt like throwing a boar at someone !

But what has been done cannot be undone, so I’ll have to see in the future what other wonderful building will crumble because of Godou newfound powers.

ZeroG signing off

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