Captain Earth episode 1 [First Impression]: A new Captain is born

Captain Earth mecha defender

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This is the first show I’ve seen this season which actually managed to catch my interest. The show looks incredibly cheesy, this first episode had a lot of very cliché moment, from the sacrifice of Daichi’s father to the part about “saving earth” with mecha. Those kind of story have been done a lot, from children’s tale to traditional science-fiction epic, but there are always new ways of telling those stories.

Captain Earth alien invader

While this show doesn’t look particularly deep for now, and while the current premise of the show is really vague, this is the first show of the season which I watched that made me want to watch a second episode. The first episode of Captain Earth was rather full of action and event without a lot of explanations about the universe. There is a lot of things that are a bit too corny in the show, I feel like there is high chances that this show won’t be able to fully satisfy me, maybe even it will turn out to be too ridiculous and difficult to take seriously, but after watching only the first episode, I think I need to learn more about Captain Earth to be able to fully grasp the direction it is going to take. I am not a fan of super hero mecha either, but I know it is a popular genre among anime fan, this show might prove popular with a very specific audience.

Captain Earth scolded

I won’t hold a final judgement of Captain Earth for now. The show looks to be a good production, the art and animation look great, the soundtrack works well too, now it is just a question of seeing the universe and the character and to judge if the story is something worth watching or not. I will have a more final opinion in episode 2 of Captain Earth, too little was explained this episode and the show has potential. I will keep covering Captain Earth until I find myself able to properly evaluate what kind of show we are dealing with here. Stay tune next week for episode 2 of Captain Earth where hopefully more information will be out and it will be easier to judge if this show is great or too much.

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