Recommendations: Spring 2014 Anime

Now that the season is over, time for you to get a fresh impression on the shows you should have been watching last season! Want to catch up on some anime in one or two days instead of following them week by week? Then at least take a look here to know what was worth the watch last season. Beginning as an okay season, Spring 2014 managed to surprise us quite well with some unexpected gems found in places we really didn’t expect.

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Nagi no Asukara Overall Review

nagi no asukara hikari manly

Let’s be honest here; if I’m still blogging this show after 26 episodes and I even bother to write a final review, it means that this show is worth it. Which means, that you should watch it.

All opinions aside, however (or at least, biased ones anyway), Nagi no Asukara is a heart-warming Slice of Life/Romance that will leave you either crying or smiling every episode. Should you be interested in the genre, it would definitely be one of the first shows I would recommend.

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The World God only Knows episode 12 [Final]: Best Ending

world god chihiro cry

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Aku no Hana Overall Review

Aku no Hana deviant art

Aku no Hana was an experimental anime used to demonstrate the Rotoscope technology which was used in the anime for the animation. The show is really a hot topic as some would call it the most hated of Spring 2013, but is the hate justified? We will review the show for each of its individual strength and weaknesses and see where it did well and what went wrong.

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