Beelzebub Episode 20: All this buildup… For crappy shit like this? -_-'

It is deep into the night, as Furuichi is intensively reading his book and Oga is slowly taking his, shower, aware of everything that is happening outside of his house. He suddenly hears a noise, sees a figure outside, and *WHACK* opens the window to see Shiroyama looking at him on a side note: That’s just creepy. Continue reading “Beelzebub Episode 20: All this buildup… For crappy shit like this? -_-'” »

Beelzebub Episode 19: Too Much Comedy

Going back from when Oga got his ass kicked, he decided afterwards to go back home, only to get his ass kicked mentally by Hilda as she yells at him for having gotten his ass kicked. She then introduces him To Dr. Blob-whatever-with-a-long-ass-name and his assistant, Lamia. Dr. Blob seems really awesome, as for Lamia, she’s apparently the stuck up bitch of the story who believes she’s better than everyone else shut up. You look like a 4th grader. Continue reading “Beelzebub Episode 19: Too Much Comedy” »

Beelzebub Episode 15: Searching for Tojo… And searching some more…

After a very traumatizing first scene, Furuichi complains to Oga how he can’t stand Alaindelon’s flirting anymore with reason and supports Oga in giving the baby to someone else because of this. He then talks about Tojo, the last and strongest TKKH, and then we are shown a conversation between Himekawa and Kanzaki with their lackeys, hoping that both Oga and Tojo will crush each other.


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Beelzebub Episode 12: Don’t Even Think About Sleeping -_-‘

Awwwwww, man. It looks like this week, Baby Beel is in a very bad mood. Even scary things don’t stop him from crying and blowing everything up… -_-‘


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Beelzebub Episode 11: Himekawa Fails

This week, as the Spring season is on a start, Beelzebub has decided to give us a new opening! To start off, let me mention that I found it much more enjoyable than the first one. I seriously hated the song for the first opening and always skipped it because it was so bad -_-‘. Anyways, animation-wise, the opening isn’t too impressive either, however there is one thing I found absolutely adorable, and that was Baby Beel’s booty shake: Oh. My. God. d’Awwwww ^.^ . Apart from that, the rest was ordinary, and here’s the video for it the booty shake is 58 seconds into the opening 🙂: Continue reading “Beelzebub Episode 11: Himekawa Fails” »