One Piece Episode 470: The War Goes On…

During last week’s episode, Luffy was slowly advancing towards Ace in order to rescue him from the upcoming execution. However, he was stopped by Mihawk, and was about to fight him when the producers of the show decided “Let’s make a badass ending!” and left us hanging. This week, Luffy begins his short fight against Mihawk. Continue reading “One Piece Episode 470: The War Goes On…” »

Fortune Arterial Ep. 1: Very Unique

Well. When I first saw that a show like this was coming out,I believe it was going to end up as a cliché romance/vampire story that sucked balls. Then I saw the first episode, and I derped of happiness; It was great.

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Motto To Love Ru Trouble: *GASP* Zero no Tsukaima: New season -_-’

I have to say that, first of all, I didn’t see the first seasons of this show, and so therefore giving a big picture on the plot would be impossible for me and I’ll probably miss out on a lot of things, however I kinda get what this whole story is about, it isn’t very hard considering It’s one of the most clichéd shows I’ve ever seen.

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One Piece Episode 469

Yaaaay, One Piece.

One Piece is pretty much the only long, ongoing anime that will be reviewed on this site for a while. Why? Because it’s One Piece and I love it. Simple as that lol. I will be reviewing the eps weekly as they come out, and since I don’t really care about anything like spoiling stuff for anybody, I will include whatever I want in this review, and just put the sentence *Spoiler Alert* at the beginning :).

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