Charlotte episode 1 [First Impression]: Welcome to Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

Charlotte lelouch pose

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We were given quite the strong opening episode with Charlotte, there was some hype for this show and for the most part this first episode gave a very good impression which makes me want to watch more already. Charlotte is a show that begin on a note very similar to the concept of X-men. You have teenagers with superpowers that are brought together into a school for super individual. Once we get past this basic concept though, the show is actually nothing alike a super hero show and if anything I already smell the drama and quest to discover oneself in this show.

Charlottegifted student

We have a bunch of teenagers with peculiar situations that find themselves suddenly having superpowers that are incomplete and help them cope with a part of their lives they possibly had trouble with. It has already been said that those superpowers will vanish once they grow older but that for now they have to deal with them in this special school. While there will definitively be a lot of school life stuff happening and funny skit about them using their many different superpowers for silly reasons, I think the core and weight of this show, at least for me, will be done in the character development and in how deep and personal they can make the self-discovery feel. How great will Charlotte manages to represent teenagehood using failed superpowers is what I am waiting to see.

Charlotteevil laugh in class

The show already has fantastic production value, we have a great animation and good looking character design and just enough satire in there to make it interesting. The main character was a complete ripoff of other antihero anime character like Lelouch and Light, using very similar hairstyle, poses and maniac laughs, the touch was just perfect. I especially liked the acknowledgement of the evil laugh when he does begin roaring in class and stops himself realizing he should probably keep that to himself. I must admit it is a bit of a shame that our main character will be forces into being more kind and civil, because I absolutely love the way he was this episode, a complete jerk but yet so lovable at the same time.

Charlotte sister complex

Overall I am impressed and quite pleased at Charlotte, I’ll be looking forward to more episode and I will most likely be blogging this weekly throughout the summer. I just hope the sister complex don’t get too intense because my incest meter was already about to burst just after this episode.

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