Charlotte episode 2: Just as Good as Expected

Charlotte gone crazy

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 I am very pleasantly surprised of the direction Charlotte is taking, it is turning a lot into something similar to Angel Beats, which makes sense since it is the same studio. The story and theme of Charlotte are pretty much the same as Angel Beats, both have young teenagers trying to deal with serious issues and who develop different kind of super abilities to cope with those issues. Based on the similarity between the two shows, I would expect Charlotte to have just as many funny moment than it will have very difficult and dramatic events. I really liked Angel Beat and therefore I expect to love Charlotte just as much.

Charlotte threatened

If Angel Beats is not something you are familiar with, we can just go back to last season and say that Charlotte is what Plastic Memories SHOULD have been. Plastic Memories was a huge disappointment because it failed to give us the proper drama and it was lingering too much on unessential points. Charlotte manages to cover a lot of ground already in only 12 episodes and that is something really worth mentioning in this day and age since most anime tend to drag on forever, it is nice to see Charlotte is not wasting time presenting what it is about and having things move forward with the character development.

Charlotte getting sandwitch

If there is one thing that still bothers me with the show, it is definitively the intense focus on brother-sister bonding. I understand that this is japan and those kind of things are bound to happen, but I have trouble with shows that give such a huge focus on siblings relationship and make it appear like the greatest bond in the universe. At first I was scared it would turn into incest, but we avoided that shipwreck and instead it seems to be heading in the direction of brotherly love, which I can’t say I liked either, but I suppose it is not as raunchy this way. At least we got a bit less of the onii-chan desu this episode and we could concentrate more on the other, more tragic, stories out there.

Charlotte older brother

At this point I believe it is pretty much settled that I will be covering this show throughout the summer, it seems really interesting and I doubt I will run dry of things to discuss about each episode. There is enough depth here to engage in proper analysis and discussion…and I love that!

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