Charlotte episode 3: Living Dead Girl

Charlotte ragey

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In the list of inconvenient abilities that could be bestowed upon you, I must say that this idol’s ability takes the cake. Controlling someone, but only for 5 seconds? Yes its rather limited, but at least its a perk. Having your body randomly be possessed by dead people against your will? That’s a curse, not a special power. Everyone else so far had a perk to their power, that girl got boned in the game of life. She is an idol, but she also appears to be dumb as a rock. I never quite understand why people would enjoy a girl who doesn’t seem able to remember her last name on a bad day, but it turned me off so much from her character. She has an horrendous power and a terrible personality, at the end of the day maybe it is a good thing that someone else occupies her empty head once in a while.

Charlotte dumb idol

Speaking of people inside her head, her sister Misa was a very interesting undead. For someone who died and somehow still had a second chance of living in the world and seeing those she left behind, she was pretty chill about the whole thing. Dying is pretty bad in itself, everything that made you, everything you are just vanish in an instant. What would be even worse though is to have the realization that you are dead. Dying is not as bad as knowing you are about to die, or even worse, knowing you are already dead. Fear is something terrible that corrupts the mind and destroy you from the inside, were I in the place of Misa I would have gone mind in a matter of minute to be brought back to life like that after such an abrupt death, I cannot stress how weird I feel about the way she handled everything post-mortem, from what I understood she just kept on acting the way she did before she died, either the sister was just as dumb as her sibling or there is something really weird with the way they handle life and death in the family. In fact, the way she suddenly came back to life and didn’t give a fuck about any of those phenomenon just makes me think this is a flaw in the writing and character design and not a personality trait at all. Her character was way too shallow for the importance it was given in the episode.

Charlotte gang banger

While we are on the topic of Misa though, we haven’t had that much time to spend with her before she was gone, but her power was pretty awesome with very little sign of drawback. She was able to control fire in many different ways and contrarily to everyone so far not once were we able to see any significant imperfection in the ability to justify its strength. Either we were not able to see her long enough, or her imperfection is so minimal that it was not prominent enough to be seen during the few time she used her power. I would be curious to see if it is possible for someone to actually “get rid” of the defect in their power, if with enough personal growth they were able to control their ability better and seal the gap in their heart. I suppose this is what the show is all about so I figure we’ll get more explanations on their abilities eventually, but I would love to dissect them all right now!

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