Charlotte episode 4: Such a Turn Off

Charlotte annoying idol

I guess not every episode of Charlotte could be great, this episode really missed the mark by a while for me. I didn’t care for Yusarin in the first place, now she somehow is part of the group that goes around chasing after people with power. I’m fine with Misa, but Yusarin is so annoying I just want to punch her in the face and make her bleed, it just makes matter even worse that every guy acts like a complete moron when they are around her, she is what I can only describe as a walking annoyance and now she’ll be part of every episode. I would have liked to avoid that scenario.

Charlotte baseball

To make matter worse, the entire episode was based solely on a stupid game of baseball. I’m not a sport fan to begin with, so a stupid scuffle that is resolved by playing a tense sport really doesn’t float my boat, but I will forget any personal preference here and focus on something else instead. You have a young kid who wish to make it into the professional scene for his buddy, the guy uses his power to get him there and he is ready to risk being caught cheating to achieve his goals. Somehow, a little girl comes in out of nowhere and tell him to stop and she challenges him to a baseball game to decide if he should continue or not. The guy accepts her request, he forgets about any kind of logic and his entire goal and instead decide to put everything on the line for a stupid baseball match he has no obligation to. If this was not enough, he plays the damned match, loses and then he agrees to the term he had set despite having no real obligation to do so. The guy just spent time explaining why he was doing it and how come it was so important…just to stop because the little girl said so. What kind of conviction do you hold that the only thing needed to break them is losing a game of baseball where the opponents clearly cheated.

Charlotte give up

 Charlotte might have some interesting ideas when it comes to teenagers dealing with their rough situation, but the show is sometimes so dumb when it comes down to the interactions between the actual characters. If some freak of nature comes around and ask me to give up everything that I hold dear because she says so, I will either consider her offer or not, I won’t try to prove that I am right by winning a baseball match. I won’t spend half my day being hypnotized by an idol either. I’m seriously not a fan of the episode, I feel it brought nothing to the table, no real character development and I got no enjoyment out of it either, I just hope the show won’t turn into this repetitive generic bullshit.

ZeroGhj signing off

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