Charlotte episode 5: Camping Trip in the Mountains

Charlotte camping

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 I’m really starting to lose all interest in this show, there is too much meaningless moment, playing baseball, going camping, I feel like most of the episode is wasted on pointless activity that, while representing youth and the fun of teenagehood, also come off as a complete waste of time in my book. I’m interested in the character development, only semi-interested with the people with ability that they meet and even less interested in the giant sibling bonding theme that is so overwhelming present in the story. I wish our main character had remained a bit more like he was in the first episode, because now I’m questioning why I am still watching Charlotte.

Charlotte beatup

I was expecting the show to have a lot more character development than this and also the first few episodes gave me the illusion that comedy and drama would be a good part of Charlotte too. The drama is obviously coming and it is seen in glimpse here and there, but there definitively haven’t been any major event that brought drama to the table since we met Nao’s older brother. I also haven’t laugh since episode 2 and the character development has been going on at such a slow pace that I’m starting to believe maybe nothing will actually happen until the show is over. It seems to me that everything might just be revealed in the last two episode and we’ll just have to endure every single episode before that. I’m not sure I’m ready to play such a long game of waiting.

Charlotte flying guy

This episode was just one huge camping trip and I feel there was maybe about 2 minutes of meaningful development in all this. They found a guy with power, met him, told him to stop, he immediately agreed because reason and logic is the forte of every teenager alive and they tend to agree to thing that advantage them in the long term even if it means forgoing short term reward…Let’s just say I have some issues with the way the show portrays teenagers and their struggles. There are good symbolism here, but I don’t agree with them most of the time.

If next episode doesn’t suddenly go back to what episode 1 and 2 were about, I’ll probably have to drop this anime since I have lots a lot of interest for it. It is just way too slow and lame in the way it approaches the theme, I’m losing patience.

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