Charlotte episode 6: A Satisfying Death

Charlotte harsh decision

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Alright I get it, you want to build up tension and create some drama with a cliffhanger, ending the episode with the main character on the verge of death because of the effect of his little sister abilities. There is one danger with cliffhangers though, they assume that by closing on an unfinished moment of action it will draw the audience to eagerly want to watch the next episode, but if the audience in question was uncertain if they wanted to continue watching or not as was the case with me, this cliffhanger just killed my appetite for Charlotte. Usually I’d want to know what is going to happen next, but I’ve been disappointed countless time by the show so far, it turned very differently than the first episode suggested and as such I am satisfied with this episode to be the end of the show in my mind.

Charlotte gonna cut a bitch

Ayumi had the school collapse around her, then the brother went in and died trying to rescue her, a very tragic end for some lost teenagers, but it happens. I guess it is still not as cruel as being cut up by a jealous teenage girl, but it will do for an ending in my mind. This is about as much drama as we got since the beginning of the season, but I’m afraid that in 2 episodes from now we’ll be back to going to the beach because someone has the ability to breathe underwater and there it is the perfect excuse for a beach episode. There are too many elements of Charlotte which make it an anime I am unable to enjoy.

Charlotte power nosebleed

This will be the last episode I’ll be covering of Charlotte, I gave the show an honest try, but the direction it took was very different than I first expected and I just don’t find myself enjoying the anime anymore, it is even harder to find something positive and constructive about it because of my feelings for the way the story plays out. The concept was great and I’m sure some people are way more tolerant of idols, stupid little sister and stagnant slice of life anime, but they are all things I find very difficult to tolerate and they really get to me. And here we are, I had too high expectations for the show and I did not predict currently how it would turn out.

ZeroGhj signing off

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