Chihayafuru 2 episode 1: first years and conflicts

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IT’S BACK!!! I hope you guys are ready, because I’ve been waiting for this ever since the announcement came. This is the last of my top three favourite shows, and you can be ready to hear the fangirl scream through your computer screen (I don’t know how that might be possible, but those are minor details).


Chihaya and the others have just entered second year. As they do so, they try and get as many freshmen as they can, since they need 5 new members before the end of the year, and they end up getting a bunch of fangirls who are simply there for Taichi. Hanano-san, one of the first years who joined, has had her boyfriend break up with her and she wants to take revenge by dating the hottest boy in school, who happens to be Taichi.

It's totally love at first sight. I think we should cheer her on.

It’s totally love at first sight. I think we should cheer her on.

After the girls leave, conflicts arise between old members, since everyone has different thoughts on what should be focused on the most. In the end, Chihaya decides that she will be training the first years while everyone else practices, and Hanano-san tries to hit on Taichi only to realize that he probably would never go for her.

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“I would rather choose the girl I devote myself to”



…I’m out of words.

Honestly, this is the first episode, and I’m already blown away. It was a great reminder of last season, and a great start for another one, while still building some blocks for the characters to keep developing. I don’t know how all this was possible in a single episode, but Chihayafuru did it, in an overwhelming way.

I like that they start the second season as all club members move on to their second year. Already, we have all the first years joining, and unfortunately it seems like most of them won’t last long. It was to be expected that many girls would join only for Taichi (I wonder what happened to the guys that were all Chihaya fans though), but what I’m curious about is how many of them are willing to go through the painful training in order to seriously join the club. Considering Chihaya is the one teaching them, I’m afraid they’ll all run away and never come back. It seems to me like Kana would have been such a better choice to teach them… Now they’ll just be shit scared that they’ll never be able to reach Chihaya’s level.

They seriously look like wimps.

They seriously look like wimps.

chihaya hanano

From this episode, one can guess that Hanano Sumire will be the next member to join. How she will change her mindset from being a normal fangirl to actually joining competitively is still a mystery, though. I was really moved by her when she read one of the 100 poems and started crying, however for her to turn around and disappoint me so badly definitely brought my hopes down a little bit. Hearing her say “I don’t want to write poems about regret!” makes me think that there is probably more to her than we saw so far, and I’m curious to see what will happen next with her. I have a feeling her “feelings” for Taichi will be shut down pretty fast though…

chihayafuru conflictMeanwhile, the season’s just started and we already have conflicts between the second years. It’s normal for them to have different mindsets, but they were never really shown until this episode. Personally, I thought Kana had the more rational uptake on it, since she was definitely the one most suited for teaching the first years. It would have allowed time for everyone else to practice, especially Chihaya who wants to become Queen. In that way, Taichi was right as well, and I admired him for being so selfless in his way of thinking. Konatsu and Nikumanku were just dumb though. Going for both extremes of “I don’t care what happens to our club” and “I want to win” was very extreme of them, and I’m glad those options weren’t considered at all by the others.

In the end, no one has changed from last season. Taichi is still a white knight in shining armor living for Chihaya’s sake, and Chihaya is still the naive little dumb blonde that she always will be. We all love them that way though, so it’s ‘kay.chihayafuru talk

Do I even need to say that I’ll be watching this? Of course I will. This is possibly the best show I have ever watched in my entire life. Will I blog it? Whether it’s me or Zero, it will have its own place on 0-gate, but it isn’t certain yet who will cover it. Count me in for watching, though… And fangirling…. And even more fangirling….

P.S.: I’m a Chihaya x Arata fangirl forever. Deal with it.



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