Chihayafuru 2 episode 10: smartasses

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Mizusawa High plays their second round of matches against Mioka High, a school full of really really really smart students. All 5 of the players have great memorization skills and move their cards really often, which confuses Chihaya and makes her lose in the first few minutes of the game. As she manages to focus, she ends up winning the rest of the match pretty well, and Mizusawa gets 3 wins and advances to the playoffs.

That's right, them bastards got their asses kicked.

That’s right, them bastards got their asses kicked.

Meanwhile, Arata tells the karuta higher-ups not to let him play, but the Queen comes in and forces them to let him join or else she will drop out.


Great episode 🙂

As always, Chihayafuru has made yet another match pretty darn awesome. It’s a bit hard to believe that Chihaya still finds many different kinds of players who play with styles that she isn’t used to and still giving her a hard time, despite her great skill. For her opponent to move all the cards the way he did was probably the best way for him to counter her, as we all know how actually stupid Chihaya is. Overall, Mioka High was a great team, and their only flaw was that they probably didn’t focus enough on karuta since they were busy studying instead. They were quite strong, but not strong enough, apparently. Chihaya still won her match and we got to see her pull off another close victory. Good thing she won, because that provided the team their third win needed to access the playoffs (where things will finally get serious!).chihayafuru evil

Awesome pouting face right there.

Awesome pouting face right there.

Moving on, I’m glad that this show didn’t deceive me! Arata will be playing in the finals; thank God Shinobu was there to get him out of the ban list. I’m always amazed how weird she is, and in a way she’s really similar to Chihaya: stubborn as hell when it comes to things she cares about, and always looking forward to playing against good karuta players. It seems like she holds a pretty strong grudge against Arata, and who knows, maybe love mixed itself somewhere in there too? It would add rivalry between Chihaya and Wakamiya, and it would definitely spice things up.

Meanwhile, we got Taichi over there who’s being super extra jealous of Arata; he just won’t admit it yet. He only knows that he’s lost completely, and he says he doesn’t want Chihaya to be “distracted” by thoughts of Arata, but honestly, it just looked like pure jealousy to me. The individual tournaments should prove to be quite interesting… I’m looking forward to it more than anything right now, and I’m expecting tons of good things to come out of it, especially in terms of Chihaya/Taichi/Arata/Shinobu development. Last episode scared me that I may have false expectations, but I’m now certain that stuff will happen! 🙂

P.S.: This guy cries a lot.

P.S.: This guy cries a lot.

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